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In today’s world it seems as if we are always on-the-go. Whether it be for business, or various family events such as kids ballgames. We are also accustom to having information and entertainment instantaneously at our fingertips. However, we still all have that home base. Our main source of entertainment, our home cable or satellite box. This is where the family gathers, and more than likely, this is where you store most of your recorded shows or sporting events. But since we do lead on-the-go lifestyles now, is there a way to use that main television hub to follow you anywhere you go? Why yes, there is…the Slingbox500.

I can watch highlights and YouTube videos all day from my cell phone, tablet, or laptop. But how can I watch my favorite sports teams, no matter where I am, on my local channels? How can I access my recorded series, of my favorite TV show, on my home DVR, while I’m sitting in this hotel room? How can I entertain the kids at Grandma’s house without access to their favorite movie that is sitting at home on our DVR? I forgot to set my DVR to record that special on Tuesday afternoon, how can I set my DVR to record it from my hotel room? The answer to all of those questions and more comes in the form of the Slingbox 500.

Sure there are many ways to access television shows and sports these days. Some cable or satellite boxes even have apps that allow you to set your DVR while away from home. But, those services always come with a monthly fee. And none of them provide the benefits and versatility that the Slingbox does.

With the Slingbox you have access to everything that you would have if you were sitting in your living. All of your local channels, and all the programs you have saved in your DVR. And with the Slingbox 500, it all comes in a flawless 1080p high-definition picture.

Slingbox shot 1

There are many different uses and benefits to a device like this. To learn more about the Slingbox 500 and how it works, visit the website here. Now I will take a moment to list just some of the benefits I see in the Slingbox 500.

  • Your sports go where you go- If you have favorite sports teams, those teams usually come on one particular channel. You may not always be able to catch your team’s late game so you DVR it. You may be on the road, or at work, and forget that your team plays at 2pm today. Your solution to all of these issues is the Slingbox. You can access your cable or satellite box via the Slingbox and watch your favorite sports on YOUR local channels live. Or you can catchup with your team’s late game from last night by accessing your box’s DVR. If you forget to set your DVR to record a ballgame, no problem. Set your DVR to record the ballgame just like you were at home with the Slingbox.
  • Your recorded shows go where you go- For anyone who travels a lot, you know it can sometimes be frustrating to find your favorite shows with other applications. If only you could access your own home cable or satellite box. Well, you can. All of your favorite series recordings on your DVR, straight to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Do your kids watch the same shows on your DVR over and over again? Of course they do and when your away from home, that could become a problem. But not with the Slingbox 500.
  • Set your DVR from anywhere- A select few television providers offer this feature, but it comes with a price. With the Slingbox, setting your DVR to record your favorite shows is as easy as it is at home. If you have internet connection, then you have access to your own home cable or satellite box. And with the Slingbox, there are NO additional monthly fees.

Now that we have gone over some of the uses for the Slingbox, I know your next question is…how complicated is this to hookup? The answer is, it’s not. If you have hooked up a cable box, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, or even a VCR before, you can handle this. Your basically moving your current cable or satellite box’s output cables to the output of the Slingbox. Then using the provided cables, connect the input of the Slingbox to the output of your cable or satellite box. No need to touch your TV at all.

You are also provided the necessary power cord, remote control, and ethernet cable. If your router is close enough to the Slingbox unit, then use the ethernet cable to connect your Slingbox to your router. Most of us will connect the Slingbox to our router wirelessly so make sure you have your wireless password handy.

Lastly, the final major component of the connection process is the IR sensor. This is the cord that looks like a mini headphone jack on one end, and a small square box on the other end. It’s obvious on the back of the Slingbox where there mini jack goes, and the other end needs to be placed somewhere close to the front of your cable or satellite box. Think of this box as your remote control, it needs to pointed somewhere close to the front of your cable or satellite box so that it can change channels, access your DVR, bring up the guide, etc. Below is a picture of the back of the Slingbox 500 unit and you can find more help with setting the unit up here. Slingbox shot 3

My experience with the Slingbox 500

I ordered my Slingbox 500 online at Best Buy. You can find the Slingbox product any pretty much any major retailer that sells electronics…Walmart, Target, Radio Shack, Amazon, Tiger Direct, or NewEgg. BestBuy had the unit on sale so I ordered online and picked it up 30 minutes later. I made this video companion to document the whole process…

As you can see, everything you possibly need is in the box. The connections are clearly labeled on the back of the Slingbox. Once you get the Slingbox connected, it will walk you through setting up your internet connection, then will direct you to the Slingbox website to create your account. Once your account is created, you simply download the SlingPlayer to your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone. On mobile phones, you simply go the app store and download the Slingbox app as you would any other app.

Now that you have connected the Slingbox to your cable or satellite box, setup your internet connection, setup your Slingbox account, and downloaded to Slingbox Player on your chosen device, you are ready to expand your home television experience.

Slingbox shot 2 Slingbox shot 4

Prior to this experience with Slingbox 500, I have used the product before. And for a completely different reason than all of the other reasons previously stated. I produce live events for a local community channel and the Slingbox becomes one of my essential tools. We connect back to our office cable box via mobile phone, and of course Slingbox connection, to verify that our signal is indeed going out over the air. What we see on our Slingbox, is what the cable subscriber sees on their channel at home.

The value in this product is limitless. The ability to do everything possible with this device is priceless. You can find alternative ways to do a lot of things the Slingbox does. But not without disrupting your life by changing television providers or paying extra monthly fees. The Slingbox 500 is a one time investment with zero monthly fees. It completely connects you to YOUR local home channels. It gives you access to YOUR recorded shows on your DVR. It lets you set your DVR remotely to record YOUR favorite shows while away. It offers pristine 1080p high-definition. The gallery feature allows you see groupings of your favorite shows and offers recommendations based off of those shows. For sports fans, there is also a live score and stat tracker so you can make sure you don’t miss one winning shot.

This device truly does allow you to mirror your home cable or satellite box. Whatever you can do with your box at home, you can do on the road with Slingbox. I highly recommend this product. If you are a sports fan, travel, have kids, or have ever used a DVR before, you will find value in this product. Learn more about the Slingbox 500 and other Slingbox products at Slingbox500.

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