First resolution: improve on my punctuality.

Ok, so I’m a little late on setting my New Year’s Resolutions for Fantasy Baseball, seeing how we are two and a half weeks in. Sorry. But hopefully these resolutions for 2017 of mine entertain and inform as I set them around the time you are probably breaking your resolutions!Fantasy Baseball

Resolution #1 – draft prep deadline
Every Thanksgiving I vow to not overeat, and every Thanksgiving I overeat. I do the same with draft preparation: I know nothing else could possibly be consumed, but there’s still so much on the table to be had! You can always find more numbers (“but what about FIP-ERA? SIERA? GB%?”) or more prospects (I seriously looked up a 5’7″ Mexican League prospect the other night) or more rankings (“which backup catcher should I value over the other?”). So this year I vow to come up with a draft prep plan first, and when I set all my own rankings, be done.

Resolution #2 – have no faith in my draft
If you can go back and look at your previous drafts, go ahead and do so now, then come back.

I’ll wait.

Ok, now that you are back you realize that at best your draft was about 33% good, about 33% injuries, and 33% waiver wire residents by May. Draft, but don’t ever settle for thinking you’ve arrived. You haven’t. And if you have, then, well, way to go!

Resolution #3 – take more risks
I have to admit that I’ve never played for money. Winning is the sole honor for this guy! So I’ll confess this resolution is easier for me than you if money’s on the line, but still relevant. Take some risks! It’s a game based on a game! In fact, fantasy baseball is more adult than real baseball! You can play baseball from an early age, but can’t grasp fantasy baseball till you’re at least a teen. So have fun! You are playing a game who derives its stats from grown men playing a kid’s backyard game… point being? Relax, take some risks, and go down swinging!

Resolution #4 – benevolent trading
Confession: I used to look to rip people off in trade deals. I’m not proud of it. Others in the league knew how to do it too. I felt like I had to do it because others were and I just had to win. It took me years to realize it’s not worth it. I can now say that I truly long to benefit the other team in my trade offers. I still want to sell high/buy low, and I still hope to “win the trade,” but I don’t think it’s right to knowingly rip people off. I want to beat others when they are at their best, not by ripping them off.

Resolution #5 – boundary lines
It’s pretty amazing we live in a time where fantasy baseball can indeed be a career. Just pause to think about this for a second… people can make a living off of fantasy baseball. Fantasy. Baseball. Whether it’s playing and making money, or capitalizing off the industry by writing on it or podcasting on it… yeah… we live in amazing times! That being said, with no offense intended at anyone in or out of the biz… fantasy baseball is just not that important. Whether it’s your family, your religion, your day job, your community, make sure you have your priorities straight and don’t get too into the game. Love the game, but love it proportionally correct. The league I’m the commissioner for is a keeper league and you can trade players for draft picks. I suspend the league between the end of the regular season and December 1, just so there’s a break to enjoy the best part of reality baseball, the playoffs, and have some time to live into our other, proper priorities.

Resolution #6 – win my leagues
And at the same exact time, if you aren’t playing to win, why even play a game! Why would one ever intentionally lose? Unless, of course, you are playing Olympic women’s doubles badminton in 2012. 

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