World Cup Group Stage Predictions

World Cup Group Stage Predictions

With the World Cup coming up this summer and the teams finalized and ordered, let’s go into the eight groups and see the top two teams that could come out of each group. The teams predicted to go on will be in bold.

Group A: Russia, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt

Winners: Russia, Uruguay

Russia is the host nation for this year’s World Cup. No doubt the host nation has the home field advantage and that will drive them forward to the next round.

Uruguay have a notable player in FC Barcelona’s Luis Suarez. His efforts along with those younger will be vital in their moving on.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt don’t have enough pieces to move on to the next round. Saudi Arabia has no one notable to bring a rousing performance and despite Egypt having Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, one man can’t do enough.

Group B: Portugal, Spain, Moracco, and Iran

Winners: Portugal, Spain

Portugal are the recent 2016 Euro Cup winners. Sporting a player such as Cristiano Ronaldo, and the depth the Portuguese have at all positions make them one of the favorites of the group.

Spain aren’t behind, or ahead. They’re level with Portugal in the group and their depth is also unmatched.

Morraco and Iran aren’t worth mentioning much in a group like this.

Group C: France, Australia, Peru and Denmark

Winners: France, Australia 

France are undoubtedly the best team in this group. From attack to goalkeeping, France should have no trouble making their way to the next round.

Australia, Peru, and Denmark are all equal in the amount of quality they can produce. With the team sheets, Australia seems to hold the best names in competition to get into the next round.

It’s worth noting that Peru are under a microscope because the national government has taken full control of the national team. Under FIFA regulation, every national team must be a separate entity from the national government. Now where this goes for Peru is up to rumor, but if FIFA decides to act, Peru could be removed from the World Cup. There are three teams that could potentially fill in: Italy, United States, and the Netherlands. If that should happen, more than likely one of these teams would move on instead of Australia.

Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, and Nigeria

Winners: Argentina, Iceland

Considered the best player in the world if not equal to Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi could be making his last World Cup appearance for Argentina. Certainly the team is very talented all around so they have the best team going forward out of this group.

Iceland were a great story in the 2016 Euro Cup. They went deep into the tournament and gained fame across the world for their style of play, commitment, and their famous Viking clap rally. Spirit will get them to the next round.

Croatia and Nigeria are both good teams in this group. Comparing competition through team sheets, this will be an entertaining group. Despite both teams sporting strong talented players, they could be coming up short.

Group E: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Costa Rica

Winners: Brazil, Serbia

Brazil will be sporting PSG superstar Neymar, and from there Brazil doesn’t have much to worry about. The quality of the team will be enough to get them out of the group.

Serbia is in a similar situation as Australia. The other two teams equal in the talent but Serbia has a slight edge in that talent pool. That edge should get them to the next round.

Switzerland and Costa Rica just don’t have the game plan and rosters to make a move out of this group.

Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea

Winners: Germany, Mexico

Germany are one of the top teams in the world. Their depth is unmatched as their third string team is good enough to compete in this competition. They’re the favorite to win the whole competition.

Mexico have been a tumultuous tenure since their World Cup run in 2014. Coaching changes, player controversies, and altogether they need a run this year. They should make their way out of the group and make a run in the Round of 16.

Sweden would have a chance to advance if they had Manchester United’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Sweden superstar is up in age but still capable of doing damage. But regardless, Sweden may not have everything to bring them ahead even if he chooses to play. South Korea aren’t even in the running to do anything.

Group G: Belgium, England, Panama, and Tunisia

Winners: Belgium, England

Belgium have one of the best teams in the competition. Sporting the likes of Manchester’s Romelu Lukaku (United), Kevin DeBruyne (City), and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard up front will be one of the best attacks in this group.

England will be another dominate team in the group. They sport some of the best names in football and will be a force to reckon with. They haven’t been able to put the nail in the coffin when it comes to advancing more in the tournament but they’ll be big players nevertheless.

Panama and Tunisia won’t make it out the group. They don’t have the rosters to get it done.

Group H: Columbia, Japan, Poland and Senegal

Winners: Columbia, Japan

Columbia is in the easiest group the tournament drawing could give. James Rodriguez and Co. won’t have much to worry about.

Japan isn’t as good as Columbia, but they’re not as bad as Poland and Senegal.

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