Week 1 NFL Picks

week 1 nfl picks

Dan and Brandon are back for another year of NFL picks–if you haven’t been a follower of MFST (why not?) Dan and Brandon have picked the NFL games straight up for the last four years. Both guys have had plenty of success, averaging more than 60% accuracy and above each season–Brandon took home the title in 2018 with a correct pick percentage of 64%. Dan ended at 60% accuracy. Who will take home the pick’em crown in 2019? It begins this week as the NFL season kicks off with Green Bay at Chicago.

Packers at Bears (TNF)

Dan Schalk: Chicago Bears. At home, I am leaning towards the Bears in this game–their defense is better and their offense isn’t much worse than Green Bay’s. Plus, I hate Aaron Rodgers’ mustache.

Brandon Reid: Chicago Bears. I don’t think Green Bay is going to come out of the gates firing on all cylinders. New head coach for Aaron Rodgers, plus figuring out what he has to work with as far as protections and weapons. Not to mention this is a hard Week 1 matchup for the Pack to begin with. Trubisky has been getting better every year and I expect the Bears offense to be better, and the team to be better overall than last year. Bears at home.

Chiefs at Jaguars

Dan Schalk: Jacksonville Jaguars. Mark it down–the Jags will win the AFC South. Leonard Fournette will have his best season as a pro and the addition of Nick Foles at the very least prevents defenses from stacking the box every single down. The Chiefs will be good, but the Jags defense is legit and at home, pull out the Week 1 stunner.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. Same deal as last year. I’m not picking against the Chiefs against anyone. You may not be sold on Mahomes yet, but I am. Dude is special. They are my AFC favorite. That being said, I look for the Jags to have a season that resembles 2017 a lot more than it does 2018. Keep doubting Nick Foles but that was a great signing by Jacksonville. They’ll be fine by mid-season.

Falcons at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. I like both teams to potentially be in the postseason and advance–but I’ll take the better defense at home to make one or two more plays late to seal the win.

Brandon Reid: Minnesota Vikings. I’m buying the whole package from Minnesota this year. The defense, the vast weaponry, and even quarterback Kirk Cousins. I think the Falcons offense will be dangerous this year, but mostly at home. This is a hard Week 1 matchup for them.

Titans at Browns

Dan Schalk: Cleveland Browns. I’m not sold on the Cleveland Browns becoming this Super Bowl contender—but I know they are better than Tennessee who has more issues outside of their mediocre quarterback play.

Brandon Reid: Cleveland Browns. I won’t sugar coat this…the Titans offense is no good. I have no confidence in 5th year QB Marcus Mariota, and I have no confidence that Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel know how to build, or run, an offense. The defense however will be top tier and keep them in games. It’s just going to be ugly to watch. I know Titans fans think the Browns are overrated and they’re going to shock the NFL universe in Week 1, but they’re not. Cleveland wins by at least 10.

Bills at Jets

Dan Schalk: New York Jets. If you really believe the Bills are more talented than the Jets I question your eye-sight. The Jets are more talented at RB, WR, TE, OL, DL and LB. QB play is a tie and I’ll give Buffalo a slight edge in the secondary despite Jamaal Adams being the most talented player on the field. Add it up, Jets win.

Brandon Reid: New York Jets. I’m picking the home team in this pillow fight basically because I don’t think either team will be very good and I’ll have to see what each team has before saying which may have the better season. Buffalo has QB issues, but a solid defense, while I think the Jets will realize that they have just a decent game managing QB in Darnold, and will play to his strengths, which will be turning around and handing off to Le’Veon Bell.

Ravens at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. Yikes, the tank is real.

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. The Dolphins are tanking and they will be dismal to start the season. Start the Ravens defense in Week 1 fantasy and you’ll have great success.

Redskins at Eagles

Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Eagles. Not a close game, Washington is starting freaking Case Keenum.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. I am flying high with the Eagles this year. If they avoid the bad start they had last year, they should be able to ramp up their play sooner than later like they had to last year. This is a very complete team and just need some healthy luck to land on their perch this year. Along with The Rams and Saints, the Eagles are the cream of the crop in the NFC. Oh yeah, the Redskins…won’t be good this year.

Rams at Panthers

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. I believe the Rams are the better team, and I think Cam Newton’s multitude of injuries are serious—that being said, at home with a solid running game and defense, I’ll take the Panthers to win by a field goal or less.

Brandon Reid: Los Angeles Rams. I look for the Rams to get right back into full swing out of the gate. This team is young and talented on both sides of the ball and should be able to control every game they play this year. Something major would have to go wrong for them to drop their opening week game against the Panthers.

Colts at Chargers

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Chargers. The duo of Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson should be able to hold their own during the Melvin Gordon holdout, but without their main back–the Chargers can only go so far. They win this game though.

Brandon Reid: Los Angeles Chargers. Does anyone mean more to his team than Andrew Luck did to the Colts? Maybe Tom Brady. Chargers should cruise.

Bengals at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. I don’t believe the Bengals are as bad as many people are predicting, but going on the road to Seattle is never easy–and it won’t be Week 1.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. I hope you didn’t write off the Seahawks yet. They have an absolute winner in Russell Wilson, and a head coach that will always have his team competing, even when you think they are down. I look for the Bengals to shock a few folks in their division, but I can’t pick them to win in Seattle in Week 1. Not out of the question, but I can’t predict it.

Giants at Cowboys

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. Zeke or no Zeke, the Cowboys were not going to lose this game and it’s because of their defense. Big D will have a Top 5 defense in the NFL this season and they will be battling for the No.1 title. Offensively, I’m still not sold on Dak.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. This game just doesn’t have flair anymore. If the Cowboys can hold Barkley to under 80 yards, they win easily. They might win easily even if they don’t. The line is 7.

49ers at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: Tampa Bay Bucs. This is the year of Jameis Winston–maybe not in the win column, but in the stats column–and it begins against a 49ers defense that is not good.

Brandon Reid: Tampa Bay Bucs. So much unknown about these two teams. Can Jameis prove he is the man? Can Jimmy G bounce back and prove he is? I just see this game as a shootout and the home team just a little more ready to roll.

Lions at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. Both of these teams will be battling for the No.1 overall pick, they just aren’t that good. I’m not sold on Kyler Murray, but I like the weapons around him more than the weapons around Matthew Stafford. Close battle with a lot of turnovers.

Brandon Reid: Detroit Lions. I’ll admit it…I’m a hater. I don’t like Kyler Murray, he’s way too small to effectively play QB in the NFL, and he should have played baseball instead. New first year head coach that just got fired by his alma mater, and they took a 5’6 QB #1 overall in the draft??? Yeah, you’re gonna suck. Change my mind.

Steelers at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. New England at home against a severely overrated Pittsburgh team? Yes please. The Steelers offense is overhyped–JuJu is solid, but I wouldn’t want him as my No.1 WR. James Conner is nice, but I actually think Jaylen Samuels and Benny Snell Jr. are more talented. Then there is the age-less wonder–Tom Brady has a running game, receivers all over and a solid offensive line. Patriots roll.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. I think the Patriots are so vanilla by now that everyone knows what they taste like and no one is scared to get it on their face anymore. Pittsburgh should have a big time chip on their shoulder and maybe they hit the unexpecting Patriots with a haymaker in Week 1. Plus, I have to take it easy on the other guys picking since I ran away with this Pick’Em Title last year. I know they’re picking the Patriots at home.

Texans at Saints

Dan Schalk: New Orleans Saints. I love watching both of these offenses, but Houston will have a difficult time coming away with a victory at the Superdome. Saints win in a high-scoring affair.

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. This will have to be a heroic, MVP caliber performance by Deshaun Watson to pull this one out because the Texans ground game will be locked up. I don’t see this one going down to the wire in the 4th.

Broncos at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Oakland Raiders. I don’t believe either of these teams will make the postseason, but at home, I’ll roll with the Raiders and the potential of that offense to put up more points than the Broncos.

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. I expect the Broncos to be better than people think. They once again have a proven NFL starter in Joe Flacco. A guy you don’t have to worry about whether or not he belongs in the league. The days of in-game tryouts for the QB position are over. Now they can just play football. That being said, I also look for the Raiders to be better and look to start out hot in their last year in Oakland. This could be the closest and most competitive game of the week.

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