week 3 nfl picksAfter two weeks of play, the NFL is beginning to take shape and injuries are mounting. Brandon has taken a three-game lead with a 12-4 week as we head into Week 3.

Standings after Week 2 

Brandon Reid: 22-9-1

Dan Schalk: 19-12-1

Titans at Jaguars (TNF)

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. I’m not a believer in the Titans offense, but I love the defense and they will get the job done against a rookie quarterback on Thursday night.

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. This is what the Titans do, win one, lose one. Last week was ugly. But the theme of the season is no more excuses. They added weapons on offense, and outside of the Taylor Lewan suspension, everyone is in place and healthy. Two teams in their division have lost their starting QB’s. One of those teams is Jacksonville. Tennessee is the better team, right? Prove it.

Dolphins at Cowboys

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. Dak has impressed me a great deal to start the year. This is a game where he needs to continue the status quo.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. That was easy.

Bengals at Bills

Dan Schalk: Cincinnati Bengals. I don’t pick the Bills to win, even their home opener against a banged up Bengals team.

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. I’m buying into the Buffalo Bills. Their defense is solid, holding the Jets to 16 and the Giants to 14, both on the road. The emergence of John Brown being a legit weapon is giving Josh Allen a nice comfort blanket. And the running attack 1-2 punch of the ageless Frank Gore, and the rookie Devin Singletary is working so far. I like the Bengals this year to beat some teams they probably shouldn’t. But it’s not starting out so great. I think this game is closer to a toss up, but I can’t predict the Bengals to win. The line is 6 for the Bills.

Lions at Eagles

Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Eagles. Detroit got lucky last weekend–but I firmly believe they will be a drafting in the Top 5 next season–because they are not good.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. Chalk last week up to being beat by a pretty good team, and injuries. Hopefully Carson Wentz will have Alshon or D-Jack back for this week. If not, they’ll have to hope the defense frustrates the Lions enough for a home win. The line is already 6 in favor of the Eagles.

Jets at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. New England is the best team in the AFC.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. Their offense is just too much. It’s so good, I’m waiting for it to implode.

Falcons at Colts

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. I believe Atlanta is going to be hard to read all year–even though they pulled out an impressive win against Philadelphia last week, they didn’t jump off the screen as a team that will consistently win week-in, week-out. A road win in Indy will go a long way.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are sort of like the Saints. They are a different team at home, than they are on the road. I thought last week was an impressive win for the Falcons beating the Eagles. While the Colts grinded out a tough win at Tennessee. This is a hard one to predict. The line is 1.5 for Indianapolis. I’m going with Atlanta because I feel they just have more fire power to outscore the Colts.

Ravens at Chiefs

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. I have Lamar Jackson in multiple fantasy leagues, so I’m a bit biased in this matchup. I just like the Ravens defense better than the Chiefs.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. This is not a dismissal game. Baltimore will bring it. But if you’ve read the last two weeks, you know my rule when it comes to the Chiefs this year…I’m not picking against them no matter who they play. Believe in Mahomes yet?

Raiders at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota plays great defense and runs the ball well, which is a recipe for success. However, how far can they go when Kirk Cousins can’t beat teams with winning records—luckily, Oakland doesn’t.

Brandon Reid: Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are going to have to find their passing game. In Week 1, they only attempted 10 passes. Last week Cousins was 14 of 32. Thielen & Diggs only have 20 total combined targets all year. Cook & Mattison are holding it down, but you feel like this team needs to hit it’s full potential pretty soon. That being said, they should have enough to beat the Raiders in Minneapolis.

Broncos at Packers

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. We know the Green Bay offense is better than Denver’s but it’s possible their defense is better as well.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. Don’t look now, but the Packers are 2-0 in the NFC North after beating the two best teams in the division. And they’re doing it under new head coach, Matt LaFleur, with DEFENSE. I can’t see Denver putting up much a fight. The biggest question is can the Packers offense finally explode and have one of those vintage Aaron Rodgers type of games.

Panthers at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton not playing is actually a good thing for Carolina–it looked like he couldn’t throw more than 15 yards against Tampa last week. Plus, the Panthers have the better defense.

Brandon Reid: Arizona Cardinals. Holy smokes, the Cardinals are favored in a game. Well, it’s a push and that’s close enough for me. This is a coin flip game. Neither team is going to the playoffs. The Panthers just have too many questions, including whether or not Cam Newton will play. I hate to, but I’m picking the Cardinals.

Giants at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: Tampa Bay Bucs. Daniel Jones is legit and will have a solid career for the Giants–but I believe this is the week Jameis Winston looks like an NFL quarterback.

Brandon Reid: Tampa Bay Bucs. Surely the Bucs won’t lose at home to Daniel Jones in his first ever game. Especially given most of his weapons are out. Unless Saquon runs for 240 yards and 4 scores, I’m afraid this will be an L in Jones’ NFL debut.

Saints at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. The Saints are in trouble for the next two months.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. I think this game just comes down to preparation. Seattle is more whole, and healthy. Plus they’re at home. The most interesting thing from this game that I’ll be keeping an eye on is does Teddy Bridgewater look like he can still be an effective starter in the NFL.

Texans at Chargers

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Chargers. The Texans are not a good road team and the Chargers have a better running game even without Melvin Gordon–that is a recipe for success for LA.

Brandon Reid: Houston Texans. Something is off with the Chargers. Maybe it’s not having Gordon. Austin Ekeler can run to China, but it’s not translating to wins. I didn’t think the home opener against the Colts should have been as close, and if they’re going to be contenders, they have to beat the Lions. They didn’t. I’m going against Vegas here and picking the Texans. I’m surprised this is a 3.5 point line for the Chargers.

Steelers at 49ers

Dan Schalk: San Francisco 49ers. The Pittsburgh Steelers are leaning on the edge of a dumpster-fire season.

Brandon Reid: San Francisco 49ers. The Steelers have just been dismantled in the last several months. The only one still standing is Mike Tomlin. I like Mike Tomlin, but he’s on the hot seat now and he may need a clean start after this season. Niners roll in this one.

Rams at Browns

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Rams. This game is a toss-up–flip a coin. Rams.

Brandon Reid: Los Angeles Rams. I think I still like the Rams as the best team in the NFC. They are deep and dangerous on both sides of the ball. If their coverage is solid, they are hard to beat. Will Cleveland really start out 1-2? I think so.

Bears at Redskins (MNF)

Dan Schalk: Chicago Bears. If you are to bet one game this week–make it the Bears who will roll by double-digits.

Brandon Reid: Chicago Bears. I look for Trubisky to finally breakout and put multiple TD’s on the board Monday Night. It’s been a rough, slow start for the Bears offensively. It seems like the Redskins are cursed from an injury standpoint. It’s hard to get a read on them and what type of team they are. The line is 4 in favor of the Bears on the road.

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