Week 9 NFL Picks

After arguably the worst start to our NFL Pick’em season in the history of MFST, both guys bounced back in Week 8 with fantastic results. Brandon Reid had a 14-1 week and would’ve had a perfect week if he didn’t pick those pesky Bills to beat the Eagles. Dan didn’t have as much success but still managed a 12-3 week to keep pace in the overall standings.

Standings after Week 8

Brandon Reid: 72-48-1

Dan Schalk: 68-53-1

49ers at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: San Francisco 49ers. The Cardinals are banged up and playing on a short week–give me the undefeated team with a nasty defense.

Brandon Reid: San Francisco 49ers. The line is 10 for the Niners. If this game stays within 10 points I’ll be very surprised.

Texans at Jaguars

Dan Schalk: Jacksonville Jaguars. I just have a feeling about this game. I think both offenses will be tamed but it will be the Jaguars ability to run the football consistently that will help them pull off the victory.

Brandon Reid: Jacksonville Jaguars. The last meeting was a 1-point victory for Houston at home. Leonard Fournette did not have a good day. Now the scene shifts to London where the Texans will be without J.J. Watt. I think Fournette bounces back, and the Jags survive.

Bears at Eagles

Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Eagles. Even the Bears elite defense will not be able to hold the Eagles down in the point column–they could hold them to 13 points on Sunday and still lose by double-digits. That’s how bad this Bears offense can be at times.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have been so up-and-down lately. But they have also played four of their last five on the road, including the last three. They’ll be back at home for this one and the Bears just don’t scare anyone anymore. The Bears are going to have to reconstruct their offense in the off-season.

Vikings at Chiefs

Dan Schalk: Kansas City Chiefs. Arrowhead is still a difficult place to pull off a road victory whether Patrick Mahomes is healthy or hurt.

Brandon Reid: Minnesota Vikings. I have a gut feeling this game will have a weird flow and the Chiefs could steal it at home, but common sense tells me they should struggle on offense. The Vikings defense doesn’t have many holes for Matt Moore to exploit. Add in the fact that Kansas City hasn’t been able to run the ball, it makes for a long day. Chiefs need Mahomes back quick.

Colts at Steelers

Dan Schalk: Indianapolis Colts. The Steelers are not a good team. They will be picking in the Top 5 next season–oh wait, that will be going to the Dolphins.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers don’t do anything particularly well. But the Colts are not gang-busters by any stretch of the imagination either. I think the Steelers defense will have an inspired game at home, and be the difference. They have held their last two opponents to 17 and 14 points and the Colts are average on offense. Look for JuJu or Diontae Johnson to have a big day.

Jets at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: New York Jets. I really want to pick the Dolphins here, but I’m playing the NFL pick’em strategy game—my opponent Brandon is taking the Dolphins to win, this is too good of a chance to pick up a game in the standings.

Brandon Reid: Miami Dolphins. Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve picked Miami all year. These two offenses are among the worst I have ever seen in my life. Both average 11 points per game. I think Fitzmagic could just out-gun Darnold, if the weather is right. And the winner for ugliest game of the year goes to…

Redskins at Bills

Dan Schalk: Buffalo Bills. It pains me to pick the Bills to win, especially having done so for the first time in the history of MFST two weeks ago. Sadly, I have to do it again.

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. I can’t see the Redskins doing much damage against the Bills defense in Buffalo.

Titans at Panthers

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. If you want analysis on this game, look below. I’m picking the Panthers because they’re at home and Christian McCaffrey is healthy.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. The Titans will have a chance to win this game against an average, banged-up Panthers defense. But they’ll ultimately fall short in the battle between Arthur Smith, and Norv Turner. Turner will have the Panthers in better shape to score points as he has all year with Kyle Allen taking over for Cam Newton. It’s not a coincidence or scheduling that allowed the Panthers to score 34+ points in three of their last five games, with a backup QB. You give Norv Turner a weapon like Christian McCaffrey, and he can do some things. The QB change to Tannehill has helped the Titans offense tremendously. But their offensive line is banged up and in flux, and the amateurism of Arthur Smith, and Mike Vrabel for that matter, is still rearing its ugly head. The Titans defense will have to step up in a big way for them to have a chance in the 4th quarter. I just don’t trust the Titans offense, or Smith’s play-calling, to put up enough points on the road to win this one. I would love to be wrong. #TitanUp

Lions at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Oakland Raiders. The Raiders look like a solid team that comes into their matchups prepared, understanding the game plan that was implemented all week. Look for this game to get ugly in the second half.

Brandon Reid: Oakland Raiders. The Lions defense is just too soft. I think Jon Gruden and Derek Carr will throw it 55 times if they have to, to beat up the Lions secondary. Should be a high scoring game. The Over/Under is 50.5.

Bucs at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. Jameis Winston can throw for a ton of yards and a ton of interceptions—I believe we’ll see both on Sunday.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. The Bucs are good at making you a one-dimensional team, so this game could be more of a struggle than anticipated for Russell Wilson. I look for the Seahawks to win, but I’m not sure about the spread of 6 points, or the Over/Under of 51. Just depends on what kind of gameplan Pete Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer draw up, and how aggressive they’ll be.

Packers at Chargers

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Chargers. At home with the offense beginning to click, I think we will see the best game of the season from Los Angeles’ second team.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. After struggling to run the ball, and firing Ken Whisenhunt this week, the Chargers just aren’t ready for this game. Plus, Aaron Rodgers’ best weapon, Davante Adams, should be back on the field.

Browns at Broncos

Dan Schalk: Cleveland Browns. The Browns have too much talent to continue to suck the way they have–it’s obvious Freddie Kitchens is in over his head as head coach of this team. That being said, Baker Mayfield is due to go off and I think we’ll see that Sunday.

Brandon Reid: Cleveland Browns. I just don’t have faith that Brandon Allen can lead an already bad Broncos offense to victory in his first ever NFL start. Not only his first start, Allen has never played an NFL snap. If Cleveland does drop this one, they can pack it up until March.

Patriots at Ravens

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. I own Lamar Jackson in multiple fantasy leagues, so I’ll be rooting for the Ravens offense to put up some points–but I don’t see it happening. This Patriots defense is the best I’ve seen since Tom Brady has been quarterback. Give them the Lombardi Trophy right now.

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. I seriously doubt this is a 16-0 Patriots team. Not with a 42 year-old Tom Brady and a receiving corp that is constantly changing. Their defense has been historically insane. But Lamar Jackson is also the most versatile QB they have played this year, and the Ravens are also the #1 rushing team in the league at over 200 yards per game. I guess I really want to see what the Patriots do against another playoff caliber team. They have had a very weak schedule so far this year beating the Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, Bills (bad offense), Redskins, Giants, and Browns. That has to be the weakest schedule in the league to this point.

Cowboys at Giants

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are not a good football team so that means Dak Prescott will play well and the Cowboys will win (if they were a good team, Dak would not do any of those things).

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. Dallas favored on a Monday Night by more than a touchdown against the Giants is good enough for me.

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