red wings front officeFree Agency starts up on July 1 around the NHL and teams are looking to start building for the 2016-2017 season. The Detroit Red Wings are in a big of a pickle this offseason. Pavel Datsyuk announced he would be leaving the team and heading back to Russia to finish out his playing career. Him leaving is huge for the team because now they have a $7.5 million cap hit on a player that won’t be hitting the ice at all this season. Detroit has some money to spend with a cap of $14 million it leaves them some options.

Detroit still has to think about its own players right now as well, as Darren Helm, Drew Miller, Danny DeKeyser and more are restricted free agents and Detroit may want to keep them or let them walk. They have already announced that Brad Richards and Kyle Quincey will not be returning and Riley Sheahan signed a two-year extension. Getting rid of their own players, we can now look at free agents that would be good additions to Detroit. Check out which five players could end up with the winged wheel on their jersey next season.

alexander radulov hockey

5. Alexander Radulov – RW

This is the only player on the list not in the NHL right now. He was last seen in Nashville in the 2011-2012 before heading back to KHL where he has had back to back 65 plus point seasons and the most he has played is 53 games out of the 60 possible, so giving him an extra 22 to play in could only give him more chances to increase his point production. Radulov will be 30 in July, so Detroit shouldn’t throw a long-term contract at him, as a three-year deal would be the best case scenario. Radulov is rumored to come to the Red Wings as is right now, and with another solid player on any line, Radulov could be a steal for the team.

alex goligoski

4. Alex Goligoski – D

The first of two players on this list who have already been “traded.” Goligoski has been sent to the Coyotes in Arizona for a fifth round pick, giving them an extra week to try to lure the defenseman into Arizona. If Arizona can’t sign him by the 1st, he will be an unrestricted free agent and can sign with anyone. Detroit will have to hope Arizona doesn’t offer him the bank as Goligoski would be a great addition to the defense that Detroit does need to improve. They are moving on from Kyle Quincey and hopefully going to re-sign Danny DeKeyser, leaving an empty spot on the defensive line that could use a solid player on it. Goligoski will be 31 in July, giving Detroit another older player that could play on a two to three-year deal. He put up 37 points last year and hasn’t had below 30 since 2013. Detroit could look for a replacement for Kronwall as he is hitting 35 years old and is showing signs of getting to his end point. Goligoski could replace Kronwall as the leader on the defense if Detroit can bring him in.

kyle okposo

3. Kyle Okposo – RW

Okposo is a player who could contribute well, but would cost more as he is going to be 28 years old this year. Okposo has had 50 plus points since 2014 and could be a plan B for Detroit if plan A doesn’t pan out (see player number 1). Okposo is a right-handed shot and a mix of a grinder and a playmaker. Detroit needs that sort of mix on the team and being young he could last a while on the team, so a three to five-year deal is an option for the team, but the price will steep.

keith yandle

2. Keith Yandle – D

The second player whose rights have been traded is Keith Yandle. His rights were traded to the Florida Panthers, who look to be big spenders this offseason. They have until July 1 as well to try to sign Yandle before he can get offers from other teams. Detroit has been trying to get him for a while now and this could be their best chance at it. He is a strong leader on the defensive line and could be someone to replace Kronwall as well. Yandle will be 30 once the season starts, so a three to five-year deal could work with him just based off what he has done in his career. Yandle had four straight 50 point seasons before getting 47 this year. Another big man on the defensive line could help Detroit greatly in getting back to the cup.

steven stamkos

1. Steven Stamkos – C

The man everyone wants and the man who Detroit will be going after very, very hard. Stamkos is not coming back to Tampa and Yzerman said the most he would be able to offer Stamkos per year is $8.5 million and many fans of the Red Wings are hoping they can offer him $9 million and lure him into one of the greatest dynasties of all time. He is coming off the blood clot issue and breaking his leg in the 2013-2014 season, so Stamkos has some health concerns, but at 26 years old and having tons of time left to play and at the level he has played in, Stamkos would be a huge addition to the team. Detroit will need to move Datsyuk’s contract if they even want a shot at landing Stamkos. If they can’t move it, then good luck to them. If they can though, expect Ken Holland to go even harder after Stamkos than he did when he went for Zach Parise and Ryan Suter a few offseasons ago. Stamkos could have a chance to be the next captain when Zetterberg retires, but Larkin and others would make a good case. Besides the captain talk, how much and how long should Detroit take him for? $9 million a year is steep, but worth it and signing him for eight years would be a great deal. He would be done at age 34 and near the end of his career. Expect Detroit to do everything, and I mean everything, to try to land him this offseason because after not being able to get past the first round for the past few years, Detroit knows they need to get him or else the streak could end and a total rebuild could be in place. KnappHockeyNHLRecent Posts#Detroit,#Steven Stamkos,Keith Yandle,NHL,Red WingsFree Agency starts up on July 1 around the NHL and teams are looking to start building for the 2016-2017 season. The Detroit Red Wings are in a big of a pickle this offseason. Pavel Datsyuk announced he would be leaving the team and heading back to Russia to...