As Thanksgiving approaches, the thoughts of delicious food and looming presence of the busiest shopping day of the year weigh heavy in our minds. Sometimes we forget that we need to be thankful for all of the great things in our lives, even sports! So here is a list of ten sports related items to be thankful for this holiday season:


5. Cleveland Browns- Many teams have been touted as losers in their time, but none have quite compared to the Browns. So why be thankful for them? Well, if you are not a Browns fan, you can be thankful that no matter how bad your NFL team looks… at least they aren’t the Browns. The Browns may not win a game this year, which has only happened one other time since the league schedule was expanded to 16 games (2008 Lions). Not to worry Browns fans, you can still be thankful that at least you have an NFL team after it was taken away from you. Also, take pride in knowing that your baseball and basketball teams have begun to find success, maybe they can rub off on the Browns.


4. Los Angeles Clippers- The Clippers crack this list because they have given the NBA something to discuss that is not the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Clippers currently hold a 13-2 record, which has them leading the Western Conference. They have been declared by numerous analysts as being the top team in the league and having a chance at taking down Golden State. However, many can still be skeptical as this team has often gone into the playoffs and become injury plagued. Until that time comes though, we can be thankful that this is no longer just a two team league.

week 9 fantasy RB stud
GREEN BAY, WI – OCTOBER 16: Ezekiel Elliott #21 of the Dallas Cowboys runs the ball against the Green Bay Packers during the first quarter at Lambeau Field on October 16, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

3. Dallas Cowboys- Even if you are not a Cowboys fan, it is hard not to enjoy watching this team. They have changed the way football is viewed. The injury to Tony Romo seemed like it might just be the beginning of a what would evolve into a mediocre season for America’s team. However, the new faces of the franchise, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, have turned this team into a force to be reckoned with (not by themselves of course). We all know the NFL has become pass happy with quarterback juggernauts like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, and that running backs have become more of an after thought. The Cowboys however have one of the best offensive lines that have played the game and are making things look easy for their rookie running back. In addition to helping Elliot, they also give Prescott the time he needs to make passes and read his progressions. They are giving us something out of the ordinary for the league, and for that we are grateful.

Photo: Garrett Ellwood-NBA (via Getty Images)
Photo: Garrett Ellwood-NBA (via Getty Images)

2. Kawhi Leonard- Leonard cracks the list as a player because not only is he something different as a player, but as a leader and role-model. As more and more players come into the league and have a cockiness about them, Leonard has never been that. Leonard has evolved year-by-year into one of the best in the game, but has not sacrificed his personality or ego to get there. While some superstars will complain and throw a fit, or not give their all on both ends of the court, Leonard does none of that. Two weeks ago Leonard was clearly fouled on a shot that would have sent a game to overtime, but there was no call. Instead of getting in the refs face or throwing his arms up in disgust and mouthing off like a sailor, he calmly got up and walked to the locker room. Perhaps he made a scene in the locker room, but who knows. It has been clear in his career that as he has come up in the Spurs system from that guy who could guard LeBron, to the face of the franchise that he is someone kids can look up to. If you have kids who don’t know about Kawhi Leonard, maybe you could introduce them to his game.


1. Thanksgiving Football- It is a great day when you can eat all the food you want and not really worry about being judged. What could make that better? Being able to watch NFL games! There will be three games played on Turkey Day, as the Vikings visit the Lions, the Redskins face the Cowboys, and the Colts host the Steelers. With the games scheduled four hours apart, they also provide the perfect increments for enjoying another round of food.

From all of us here at MFST, we wish a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels for the holiday.


Malachi David is a sports contributor at MFST, you can follow him on Twitter: @SportReportMD

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