Last night, season two of 9-1-1 premiered on FOX and the show picks up months after Abby left to go on a trip to Europe to “Eat. Pray. Love” as she puts it and Bobby and Athena hooked up, which most people, myself included, completely forgot about. But despite Connie Britton’s (the actress that plays Abby) exit, season two introduced two new characters: Buck’s sister, Maddie (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) and a new firefighter, Eddie (played by Ryan Guzman). 

The episode picks up about four months after season one’s finale on the hottest day of the year and all the first responders are on duty. The two big emergencies that really stand out in this episode is the guy that has a grenade go off and gets stuck in his leg and a guy that gets his head cemented inside a microwave. Both seem unrealistically crazy but it really just reminds us all how stupid some people can be. First, the guy with the grenade collects grenade, which is unbelievably dangerous but his story of not being able to be a marine because of his heart condition at least makes it a bittersweet story.

ryan guzman

After the team picks this guy up and puts him in an EMT, new guy and military vet, Eddie, notices that the grenade is live, opposed to being a practice one like the victim initially thought. So with Buck’s help, they extract it out of the guy’s leg and them working together helps them bond as team members, because Buck is a little jealous of the new guy because he’s another good-looking guy. Which is admittingly strange but it passes by the end of the episode.

Then there’s the guy’s head that’s literally cemented in a microwave. Honestly, that is not a sentence I ever thought I’d think of let alone write but I guess this guy’s friends are idiots and wanted to do this to initiate him into some fan club. And film all of it for their YouTube channel. So really, it’s just a YouTuber doing something stupid.

jennifer love hewitt

But other than the actual emergencies during the episode, Buck’s older sister Maddie comes to visit him unexpectedly and he accidentally thinks that Abby is back to surprise him. While she’s in the shower. So in other words, funny but also super awkward for them. But Maddie comes to see him because she’s finally left her husband who we realize later on is an abusive one. Near the end of the episode, Maddie’s husband calls her and threatens to find her but Buck convinces her to stay with him and start over, which could work because Maddie and Buck apparently haven’t kept in touch very well over the past three years., meaning that Maddie’s husband wouldn’t know that she’d go to Buck’s place and he wouldn’t know where Buck lives.

What I didn’t get is why Maddie was planning on leaving when she already knew it’d be safe to stay with him. But that aside, Maddie ends up getting a job as a 9-1-1 operator because she wants to help people but doesn’t want to constantly look over her shoulder, in fear of her husband finding her, which she’d be doing if she went back to being a nurse.

Another storyline that kind of ran throughout the episode was Athena and Bobby’s new but secret relationship. At this point, they’ve been together for four months but no one knows about them because they haven’t gone out in public together yet, other than that first day at the end of season one. But it turns out that Athena doesn’t want people to know because she’s ashamed. Which is strange but she explains her reasoning but their relationship is still questionable in my opinion. But they sort it out near the end and they go public with their relationship. But turns out, Hen already knew all along because they hadn’t been doing a very good job at hiding.


Lastly, there’s this calendar story where all the firefighters’ men are competing to become one of the men in a calendar issue. The front-runner seems to be Buck at the beginning of this episode, as he’s the youngest and arguably best looking. But then Eddie comes in and isn’t even really trying to compete but Buck immediately feels threatened by him and his ease of fitting in with the team. But obviously, they patch things up later once they start working together on an actual emergency (AKA the grenade collecting guy).

But the best part of this entire story was Chimney, who are also competing to be in the calendar. But not to increase his ego the way that Buck is, but because he’s never seen a hero that looks like him, which I think is the perfect reason as to why representation matters. And not just in the film industry. Chimney explains all of this to Hen while showing her a shirtless picture of him holding a dog, but he ends up discouraging himself and no longer wants to try competing anymore. But unbeknownst to him, Hen submits a different photo of him, one that a photojournalist took months prior of Chimney actually being a hero holding a girl he’d saved from a burning building. And he ends up winning the competition and he ultimately becomes Mr. April.

What did you guys think of the episode? The second part of 9-1-1 season two premiere airs tonight on FOX at 9 PM PST

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