(The following is based on my interactions with Titans fans on social media)


Dear Tennessee Titans fans,

First off, I worry about some of y’all. You have no concept that a QB can create a sack. You talk and act like a sack is ALWAYS 100% the offensive line. But you’ll be the first to shout “you don’t know football”. smh

I’m convinced some of y’all just want Marcus Mariota to be our starter until he’s 44. No matter the results. And who are the REAL fans again? smh

Secondly, I am hearing from a lot less of the haters I acquired this summer. Could it be that the clock, as we speak, is ticking, just like I said it would? Could it be we’re looking 1-3 in the face, just like I said we would? 🐸

Some of y’all have resorted to “well why don’t you go play QB, see if you can do better”. “You guys have no integrity”. “Shut up idiot, support the team and TitanUp”. You don’t even want to talk real football anymore. 😂🤣😂  Just unintelligent, childish comments. That’s sad.

Lastly, I’m not saying pull the plug on Mariota this week, but I’m saying it’s coming. He’s done. He has just played himself into an NFL backup career from here on out. Don’t believe me, WATCH! No one can honestly say Mariota is improving. And he’s had the BENEFIT of learning from five OC’s and all those coaches. Did he not listen to any of them, or could it be they can’t fix him???

No one ever said Ryan Tannehill was our future, but he is 100% an upgrade. He was traded from Miami because they are intentionally tanking. They got rid of all their talent and got a 4th round pick from us. That’s not nothing, especially for a rebuilding team. Tannehill is not a top tier NFL starter, but he is better, and his resume as a QB is better, than our guy. Stop confusing team success with QB success. We of all fan bases should realize that. He would have never been sacked NINE times the other night. Our O-line has not been playing great, but that’s only 30% of our offensive problems. Lewan doesn’t solve it either. Mariota’s pocket presence is horrible. It’s all on tape if you really want proof, instead of me talking about it.

You can say let’s just worry about Atlanta and see what happens. You’re right, it’s a 16 game season. But we talk about our QB like he’s a 2nd year guy. “Let’s give him time to develop.” “Let’s get him some weapons.” Blah Blah Blah. It’s all just excuses for a guy that is not progressing. Our offense has been god awful under Mariota. Are you starting to think that maybe it’s not EVERYONE else around him, and maybe it’s him? Just a little???

FIVE years folks. It’s ALWAYS something. When do the rest of you finally see it. Everyone outside of a few Titans fans see it. Our offense is utter garbage under Mariota. FIVE years!!! He can make the simple play when conditions are perfect all day. But so can 60 other guys on NFL rosters right now. Do you see how bad the Browns were in Week 1 now? They gave us that game. All the warm-ups are over. We have to go earn wins now.

Our team is built on defense and running the ball. I promise you we won’t suffer from trying new quarterbacks. Look at Mariota’s production the last few years. Hell, look at his production the year we made the playoffs. We don’t ask our QB to do too much. He can be replaced. Easily. We have to try some new things. Our offense is holding us back. We can’t expect to win games 9-6 every week.

I’m going to say if you’re not close to giving Tannehill a shot, than YOU’RE not a true fan. Our record is slipping and there is no reason we shouldn’t be in the hunt for the division. We have been beat by two backup QB’s in our division. Out of three games. If we were just three games into any of Mariota’s previous years, I would say OK, let’s see how it plays out. But I did that LAST YEAR. This is his FIFTH YEAR. It is clearly a lack of some key fundamentals you need to succeed as an NFL starter. What harm is it in giving Tannehill a shot. Don’t you wanna win at all cost??? I wonder. 🤔

Some of you still don’t get that Jon Robinson is responsible for our turn around, not Mariota. Will you please stop saying “what were we before Mariota got here”. That is ignorant. Robinson traded for Tannehill as a 2019 Plan B. Not to play nice with Mariota and be his big brother and backup. Some of you refused to believe that when it happened, and still don’t see it. Well, keep watching. Tannehill likes playing QB in the NFL too, and all the money that comes from it. And all he has to do is be a better option than Marcus Mariota??? Keep watching.

We’re just fans. It will all play out. Someone will be right, someone will be wrong. We can’t change what happens on the field. But I’m saying the same thing over and over. Haters and Mariota fanboys and girls ain’t listening. Maybe you’ll finally hear me and the others that have been telling you the truth when the season is over.

P.S.  Amy Adams Strunk… save yo money. 👍

#TickTock #TitanUp

Brandon Reid

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