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Last night, new ABC series, A Million Little Things wrapped up its first season. If you didn’t already know, the show starts with the devastating tragedy of losing a friend, Jon, to suicide and it centers around his group of friends dealing with said tragedy, all while dealing with their own issues.

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Jon’s wife Delilah, is left with their two kids, Sophie and Danny, and being pregnant – but not with Jon’s baby, but rather a product of an affair with Eddie, one of their close friends. Delilah continues to struggle as the feelings of confusion, grief, and guilt pertaining to Jon’s death and her affair with Eddie become a constant throughout the season.

In addition to the emotional whirlwind, there’s also the ton of debt Jon left behind (relating to his real estate job) and the mystery of Barbara Morgan, a woman that Jon included on his life insurance. There’s also a smaller storyline involving Delilah’s son, Danny coming out as gay, which was short but ultimately, sweet as she couldn’t be more open and happier for him. As for the affair, they both decide it’s best to end things after Jon’s death and to tell Delilah’s children and Eddie’s wife, Katherine that the baby was Jon’s as it makes things less complicated and the season ends with Delilah going into labor.

katherine and eddie

Eddie and Katherine, however, have a pretty bumpy season relationship-wise, especially after Katherine finds out about the affair. Everything their relationship goes through is for the wellbeing of their (adorable) son, Theo. They go from being married, separated, almost divorced, until what finally seemed like settling with a hopeful rekindling. That hope doesn’t last long as the season ends with Eddie as he’s (assumingly) about to tell Katherine that the baby is his and not Jon’s.

rome and regina

Other than Jon’s suicide, we also get some insight into Rome and Regina’s lives as we discover early on in the season that Rome has depression, as he would’ve committed suicide too if it hadn’t been for the phone call that informed him that Jon killed himself. He seeks help and slowly but surely gets a grip on how to deal with it and his father’s reaction to it, all while his wife is opening her own restaurant with the space Jon left for her.

maggie and gary

Then there’s Gary, a breast cancer survivor (yes, men can also get breast cancer) and probably the closest to Jon out of everyone in the friend group. The series initially shows him as a player who pushes even the slightest hint of commitment (he even dumps a girl after she leaves a phone charger at his place). Then he meets Maggie, who changes everything for him. Maggie’s a therapist who Gary starts seeing and eventually falls in love with, more so after he discovers that she isn’t in remission as he initially believed. At first, Maggie decides she doesn’t want to go through anymore chemo, but eventually caves into Gary’s desperate desire of wanting her to get better. By the end of the season, Maggie’s moving into his apartment and she’s officially in remission after a very successful surgery.

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We do, fortunately, eventually find out all the answers in the finale which is this; years ago, Jon was supposed to leave on a flight to Los Angeles with Barbara’s baby daddy and Jon’s roommate, Dave. Unfortunately for Dave, however, his flight happened to be the American Airlines Flight 11, also known as the infamous plane that flew into the first of the Twin Towers on 9/11. So, even though Jon always seemed to be the person that held everything in their friend group and family, the reality was that Delilah and his friends were the reason he held on for as long as he did because he’d been constantly carrying the guilt of not being able to save his friend Dave.

Final Thoughts

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A Million Little Things is an emotional rollercoaster that I can only describe as similar to Parenthood if that show were about friends, opposed to family (which is another show you should check out by the way if you haven’t already). The way it deals with all the ups and downs of friendship is the main focus of the show all while brilliantly dealing with the complicated nature of mental health in both the ways it affects a person as well as their loved ones. With how the season ended, I can see how the series will continue (as it’s already been picked up for their second season) but I’m curious and excited to see what big topic they tackle next while keeping that central topic of mental health (which I’m assuming they will) because we’ve already learned everything we need to know about the circumstances surrounding Jon’s suicide.

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