Enjoy the thrills of harness racing at Plainridge Park. (Photo: TV News Badge)

So you’re local to Rhode Island, and you’ve landed yourself a free weekend. What better way to spend it than doing a whistle-stop tour of some of the best sports the state has to offer? From harness racing to college football and a handful of sports bars in between, Rhode Island has plenty to cater for the sports aficionado.  

Horse Racing at Plainridge Park

Plainridge Park has had a speckled past, but in recent years it has really been turned around. The whole operation is sparkling clean, the staff is friendly and approachable, and it’s a great place to spend an afternoon. Affectionately dubbed a ‘Racino’ by locals, Plainridge has a small but perfectly adequate live racing schedule, which takes place on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Kick your weekend off on a Friday evening here, and you’ll not be disappointed. 

Harness racing is the specialty, and with it being a relatively small stadium, you can get close to the action. They have plenty of screens inside the main building, which show racing from all around the world, which is all available for betting if that’s your hobby. If you fancy a simple dinner then grab a beer from the Dark Horse Bar and a trackside hotdog. If you crave something a little more extravagant then book a table in their glass-fronted restaurant and enjoy a genuinely gourmet experience; the oysters are particularly good.

Sportsbook Bar at Twin Rivers

The Twin Rivers Complex is an excellent place to while away a lazy Saturday. If you’ve still not had enough sport, then the Sportsbook Bar & Grill is where you want to station yourself. This glitzy new bar has more than 100 television screens – so you’ll never struggle to see! It also has odds boards, really comfortable seating and an ‘all American’ menu, with plenty of naughty favorites. The chicken wings are delicious with a sweet and spicy Asian glaze, but for the chili freaks the aptly named ‘Wings of Fire’ are hard to beat. 

If Friday night’s oysters whetted your appetite for more seafood, then the clam chowder is hearty, creamy, and delicious. Of course, being a bar, it has a full alcohol menu including beers and wines, as well as a short but sweet cocktail menu with all the classics. If you’re not quite ready for the night to end, then fear not! Except for the Sportsbook bar, it’s worth popping into the casino at the Twin Rivers complex. This compact casino has everything you’d expect from a much larger venue including plenty of popular Slot games to play that beginners love. Why not save the money from a final beer and see if you get lucky on one of the machines!

College Football with The Rhode Island Rams

If you can find time in your sporty weekend, then it’s well worth fitting in a spot of football. Although The Rhode Island Rams won’t make it to your fantasy football team, they play well in the college league. They’re around the middle of their division at the moment and perform well under their head coach Jim Fleming, who’s been training the team for the past six years. 

They play in the purpose-built Meade Stadium, which holds around six and a half thousand. You get all the benefit of a rowdy football atmosphere, but you’re always close enough to the action to see what’s going on. The next home matches are on September 28th and October 5th, so you’ve plenty of time to get your tickets and prepare for some top-quality college football.  

Pig Out at Ladder 133

It’s coming to the end of your weekend, you’ve fit in a lot, but there’s still room for a couple hours more. Make your way to Ladder 133 in Providence. Built-in a former fire station, this bar oozes character. The bar itself was made from solid mahogany in 1988 and has done quite a tour of various saloons before being discovered and transported to Ladder 133. The remaining decor matches the attitude of the bar perfectly, historical, but not pretentious. 

This bar is the one for beer lovers, with no less than 22 beers on draft, it could become quite a lengthy afternoon! There are 33 screens dotted around the place which show several games at once. This local favorite is a charming and friendly place to round off your weekend perfectly.

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