I was sitting the other day thinking about who should be cast in upcoming DCEU films and decided to share my thoughts with you. Of course this is my opinion and you are more than welcome to agree or disagree with this list. In fact if you do disagree then please comment below and let me know who you would like to see cast in the upcoming DCEU films.

We know the upcoming Batman film with feature Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) as the primary villain. But who are some other villains you would like to see in the Batman universe? Lets fan cast for the upcoming Batman films as well as the Harley Quinn spin-off movie.

Catwoman – Olivia Wilde

Why Olivia Wilde? Well for starters she is as beautiful as they come and she has the perfect build for Selina Kyle/Catwoman. She carries a certain swagger and cockiness that would match up well with Ben Affleck’s Batman. She did a good job with action sequences in Tron so those should not be an issue for her in the Batman film.

Jason Todd/Red Hood/Arkham Knight – Taron Egerton 

Taron is one of the brightest young stars coming up in the ranks today. His age would match well with Jason and he has that attitude that Jason needs. If you haven’t been living under a rock the last couple of years then hopefully you saw him in Kingsman: Secret Service. Taron has great action/stunt skills and his entire dislike for authority in Kingsman is what would make him a perfect fit for Red Hood.

Poison Ivy – Eva Green

What can  say about Eva that most don’t already know? She has the looks and she loves to play the villain. Her work in 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin City 2 was exquisite and she stole the show. She can pull off the red-head look and she is just one bad woman. A million times Yes to DC/WB casting her.

Riddler – Walton Goggins/David Tennant


Now this is a toss-up because I love the work of both of these actors. David though looks like the Riddler from the Arkham games but if you know Walton he has that crazy mysterious side that would compliment Ben Affleck quite well. I think Walton could be a mental and physical threat to Batman where David would be more mental. I know David is doing work for Marvel but it’s not like crossing over has ever stopped anyone before. I loved Walton’s work in Justified and Vice Principals. The guy really knows how to get into your head. He also was fantastic in American Ultra as the laughing man.

Lets switch sides now and cast for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. With talks about Brainiac being the villain I feel this actor best suited for the role would be

Brainiac – Mark Strong

Image result for mark strong as brainiac

I know I know he played Sinestro but that was in the failed non DCEU Green Lantern film. I have someone else I would like to see cast as Sinestro. But for now let’s get this man back in the DC universe and into the Man of Steel sequel. Mark can play a pretty damn good villain (Sherlock Holmes, Kick Ass). His voice is strong and has a powerful tone. I think he would be the ultimate villain to match up against Henry Cavill’s Superman. Mark has a strong resume with hits such as Kingsman, Sherlock Holmes, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Zero Dark Thirty. Fans of the DCEU would be thrilled to have this guy in the lineup.

Sinestro – Luke Evans

Luke might be one of the more underrated actors today. The guy has the looks for Sinestro that is for sure. I felt he was excellent in The Hobbit Trilogy and was the better part of Fast and Furious 6. Another film he was good in was Dracula Untold which I recommend checking out. He set to play the villain Gaston in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film.

So there you have it for now. Of course there are many more roles to be cast but these are some of the more popular ones and this article could go on for days the list of qualified actors who could play these roles and many more. I hope this list does not offend anyone and as I said this is my opinion and I would love to hear others thoughts on it as well.  Please comment below with your thoughts.

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Cainan Myracle

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