This week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team tries to come up with a plan to save Jemma and find out what Virgil knew. Spoilers ahead for “A Life Spent”.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Jemma notices the closeness between Kasius and Sinara before she is given a special task when an Inhuman named Abby (Ciara Bravo) can’t control her abilities on the eve of a ceremony. Abby has to display her abilities at the event or her family will be punished. Kasius is adamant that Jemma fixes the problem for her own well-being.

Jemma recognizes that a power suppressor is making it hard for the teenager to control her powers. Despite some trouble convincing the girl that she’s strong, she is able to help Abby visualize her powers and gain a little bit of control. Abby is taken away before they can make too much progress. Kasius then recognizes that Sinara is jealous of Jemma and the compassion that makes her special in Kasius’ eyes.

Elsewhere in The Lighthouse, the team is able to momentarily get away from Grill when he sends Tess out on a haul. Coulson and Mack are sent along with May who pilots the spacecraft. Before they’re in the clear, Lt. Zev (Kaleti Williams), Grill’s right-hand man, decides to tag along because he’s suspicious of them. While Mack keeps Zev distracted, Coulson and Tess find a knob inside a small model of the earth that belonged to Virgil. Using the knob they open a panel on the ship’s wall to reveal a radio. Zev catches them and prepares to take them in but May purposely runs into a piece of debris to knock him off his feet. Mack comes from behind and knocks Zev out.

Back on the base, Daisy and Deke are tense around each other as Deke is certain that Daisy destroyed the earth and doesn’t want her to endanger lives on the base to save Jemma. When she tells him that her powers aren’t that strong and it hasn’t happened yet in her time, he presents the idea of a parallel universe. Later, Yo-Yo is able to get a scroll to Daisy when Grill replaces her metric which she caused to act up using her speed.

Using the scroll, Daisy gains entry into other areas of The Lighthouse. Deke tries to stop her, but she uses her powers to push him away. Elsewhere, another leader named Basha (Rya Kihlstedt) arrives for the ceremony. It turns out to be a death match where Abby must kill Basha’s champion who’s a huge dude with a Winter Soldier-style mask. After taking a beating, the Inhuman spots Jemma and finally uses her powers to solidify her body’s molecules, breaking the champion’s hand. Although she begs the man to stop, he keeps coming. She shifts her molecules and puts her hand through his chest, killing him.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Jemma is horrified when she learns that Abby will be sold to Basha. She tries to speak up but is silenced and congratulated for her assistance. Out in open space, Tess and team disagree on how to handle Zev. Tess suggests killing him. Soon they pick up a static-filled transmission. They think it’s coming from the surface of what remains of earth. Before they can investigate further, Zev wakes up and cuts the fuel line, forcing them back to the base.

Tess tries to take the blame for their actions, but Yo-Yo mentions that Zev has a gun and that’s why they knocked him out. Guns are illegal for humans on the base to carry and they didn’t want Grill to face repercussions.

Grill searches Zev and finds the weapon and sends him away. While the other agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are out of trouble, for now, Daisy takes on two Kree guards before making her way to where she believes Jemma is. The hall is suddenly filled with smoke that weakens her. Kasius arrives with Deke, who ratted out Daisy and made a deal to sell her to Kasius. Daisy vows to kill him.

Later, Coulson and the other agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gather in secret with Tess before their next work shift. They barely pick up a transmission signal, but it’s enough to make them think that there’s really survivors on earth’s surface. Tess disputes that saying that nobody could survive on the surface. It turns out that they send people there to die. The scene shifts to Zev, who’s on the surface. There’s lightning and low visibility before he’s attacked by something.

Final thoughts and rating for Friday’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’m still getting a feel for this new setting and characters. It’s early in the season, but I don’t really like Deke. Sorry, Jeff Ward! I’m sure he’s got a gameplan, but he’s a little unlikeable. As for the other newbies, I’m hoping Sinara gets more lines in the future. Her intimidating presence is a great source of tension, but I want to know more about her character.

Tess’ beliefs clashing with the team is well thought out writing. They have the same goal but living in a different time has molded Tess in ways that don’t quite mesh with Coulson and the team. How they’ll overcome that will be a continuing throughline for season five.

I love the special effects and the scene when Yo-Yo runs to give Daisy the scroll. I’m glad to see that they worked in a little speed last night. I’m also here for Daisy kicking butt. Chloe Bennet flipping around while taking on the Kree was nicely choreographed and a worthy addition to Marvel’s collection of elevator throwdowns.

I’m giving “A Life Spent” an 8.5/10


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