With Fitz’s storyline caught up to the present, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned this week with an episode directed by the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Phil Coulson himself, Clark Gregg. Spoilers for “Fun and Games” ahead.

The episode starts off with Fitz seeing Jemma. He tells her how much he missed her and ends his speech by proposing while she’s organizing a refreshment table. The catch is that she doesn’t hear a word he says!

When Kasius notices Fitz closeness to her he approaches asking what the issue is. Fitz keeps his cool and Jemma surprisingly doesn’t react enough to tip Kasius off when she turns and sees him standing there.

Fitz inquires if she’s for sale and Kasius tells him that she comes as a package deal with “the destroyer of worlds”. He is able to convince Kasius to give Jemma her hearing back. Elsewhere, another group of teenagers is exposed to the terrigen crystals. The only one to be encased in the forboding shell is a young man named Flint. Tess is close to him and gives him a pep talk. When he breaks out of the shell, the others are met with nothing because YoYo speeds him away.

While the Kree question Tess and search for Flint, those hoping to buy Daisy gather for a dinner and we see Fitz’ alter ego, The Marauder, at work. He’s a man be feared. As they gather to watch the fights, Fitz isn’t happy to see that May is set to fight Ben. She takes a beating due to the Inhumans’ telepathy. Ben uses his powers to communicate with Fitz, who uses his pull to get Kasius to move on to a more entertaining fight.

Knowing that May is Daisy’s friend, Kasius has Ben killed for lying when he interrogated Jemma and Daisy in episode five. Flint questions YoYo about her powers when his don’t manifest immediately. She tells him the story of how she discovered hers, only for Grill to overhear and use their metrics to immobilize them. When he demands answers, Coulson is truthful about being from the past but Grill doesn’t believe him.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Before he can turn them in or hurt them further for setting up Sev to die, Flint’s powers manifest and he creates a large rock. He throws it at Grill’s head, killing him. After hiding from a Kree guard, Mack and Coulson go looking for Tess. They find her hung in her room with a sign around her neck.

Fitz’s plan to buy Daisy is interrupted when Kasius’ brother, Manston-Dar arrives to buy her. Before her fight, Jemma and Daisy discuss Ben’s death and an escape plan. Jemma is only able to arm herself with a knife and hope that Fitz has a plan.

Instead of facing another inhuman, Manston-Dar, who’s there at his father’s command, decrees that Daisy must fight a Kree warrior. He picks Sinara to fight, much to Kasius nervousness. Still angry at Sinara for being the one to kill Ben, Daisy doesn’t hold back. The fight is pretty even with both of them getting a few good hits.

At the height of the fight, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents nod to each other, unnoticed by the others. Fitz shoots a few buyers and several guards and Jemma slices Kasius’ throat. Before they can attack Manston-Dar, he retaliates but is blocked by the shield between the arena and viewing balcony. Fitz ices Sinara and we get a FitzSimmons reunion kiss and a second marriage proposal. This time around Jemma does the asking. Fitz immediately says yes, but points out that he actually asked her first when she couldn’t hear him. The episode ends with the trio leaving the arena.

Final thoughts on last night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Clark Gregg did a really good job with this episode. I wonder if anyone else in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast has skills behind the camera. This episode brought some surprises with the deaths of Ben, Tess, and Grill; three characters new to this season. Besides, Deke, who’s still a little shady, the team doesn’t really have any non-Kree allies on the base besides young Flint who’s played by Coy Stewart. I didn’t think they’d kill off so many characters this early in the season.

It makes sense though if we’re preparing for a setting change. In next week’s preview, it looks like the team will be making their way to the surface of what’s left of earth. I’m beyond happy that Fitzsimmons has reunited. Are we having an outer space wedding? On another note, I’m hoping to find out more about Flint’s character.

Easter egg: In the comics, Flint is the codename for an Inhuman with earth manipulation powers named Jaycen. The way YoYo kind of took him under her wing was definitely heart-warming. Favorite moment of the night: Mack’s reaction to Flint asking YoYo what a taco is.

I’m giving “Fun and Games” a 9/10.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays at 9 PM EST on ABC.


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