Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.In episode four of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team learned that humans no longer pro-create normally, children are a rare thing, and Inhumans are an intergalactic commodity. With Jemma’s life on the line, Daisy risked her own. This week, things took a step back to show us where Fitz has been and how he managed to get himself to the future. Spoilers for episode five, “Rewind” ahead.

Episode five starts off on the day that Coulson and the others were taken. From Fitz’ point of view, the other Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. simply vanished before the military police showed up. Fitz is arrested and questioned about their location by Lieutenants Evans and Lucas played by Zibby Allen and Joe Layton.

When Fitz demands to know who’s in charge, General Hale (Catherine Dent) comes in. When questioned about the LMD’s and what they were responsible for, Fitz confesses to being responsible for Jeffery Mace’s death. Later, he’s taken to get a polygraph test which shows he’s telling the truth about not knowing where his team is.

In order to have him assist in the investigation, they allow him to have paper, pens, and a TV to watch soccer. He works tirelessly on theories and works out in his cell. He also writes letters addressed to a soccer fan magazine to be published. They scan the letters for any codes or hidden messages before they send them out.

As six months passes, Fitz seems to struggle in solitary. When he can’t come up with a plausible answer for the team’s disappearance, they prepare to throw him in jail. Before they can move him, General Hale gets a call about Fitz’ lawyer showing up. It turns out Fitz was contacting Lance Hunter via the soccer magazine. Fitz expected Hunter to help him smuggle in parts so he could build something, but Hunter breaks him out and they use one of his friend’s surveillance technology to find the truck that took his friends.

NICK BLOODThey identify one face in the group and end up at his home. The man, played by Joel Stoffer, is not surprised by the pair’s visit and introduces himself as Enoch, a sentient being sent to Earth 30,000 years ago to study and observe. He shows them footage of the group going through the monolith and tells them that the group was sent to 2091 to fulfill a prophecy.

Enoch takes them to the seer, a young girl named Robin. The small bird figure with her is a callback to season four when Daisy tried to save an Inhuman man who could show people their deaths when he made skin to skin contact. She was unable to save him. Robin is his daughter.

The military follows them, but Enoch uses his abilities to allow an escape. They vanish the same way Coulson and the others did at the diner, making the lieutenants lose thirty minutes of time. After hearing about the girl’s abilities, General Hale makes it a priority to find the girl and have her on their side so they can control her powers.

Elsewhere, Enoch takes the others to the Lighthouse in current time. He explains that although he usually doesn’t interfere, an exception was made because of the risk of extinction for the human species. Robin reveals that Fitz is not in the future because he has to save his friends. Enoch tells them that the ship he came to earth in might be able to get him to 2091. The ship is conveniently on the military base Fitz was being kept on.

They pose as repairmen and use ferrets to set off the perimeter alert, drawing away the guards. Inside the warehouse, they find Enoch’s ship and a S.H.I.E.L.D. quinjet. Fitz shows off his combat skills to hold of the guard with I.C.E guns.

Citing their failure, General Hale kills Evans and Lucas before calling for a clean up crew. When Fitz and Hunter make it back to the Lighthouse, Enoch explains that his ship is a cryo chamber and that Fitz will sleep for 74 years to reach his friends. When he wakes up in 2091, Enoch greets him and tells Fitz that he’s had time to come up with a plan that requires Fitz to go up against some of the most vicious mercenaries in the galaxy.

Final thoughts and rating on Friday’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This episode had a different feel to it with the absence of most of the cast, but Iain and guest star Nick Blood held their own and carried the episode. Being back in current time was a nice feel compared to being in an unknown future. Seeing the changes in Fitz’ character over the years has been interesting and Iain has done an amazing job of highlighting the changes in his character’s personality and mindset without overselling it. Like Mack’s storyline with Hope, the writers have entwined the events of season four with Fitz’ character development.

It was great having Nick back as Lance Hunter. Hunter brings humor to the series. Adrienne Palicki was missed as Bobbi Morse, but I’m glad the writers mentioned her throughout the episode. Fitz and Hunter buddy adventure was a nice reunion for the pair and entertaining to watch. Also, Enoch is an interesting character and Joel Stoffer plays a pretty believable sentient being in the way he delivers his lines and maintains a cool face. I’m interested to see what kind of plan he came up with to save the team.

I’m giving “Rewind” a 9/10.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on Friday, January 5th on ABC.


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