Friday on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team met General Hale face to face and an unexpected problem from the past resurfaces in a terrible way. Let’s recap season five, episode 14, “The Devil Complex”.

Fears and Enemies Keep Coming

The team continues to battle anomalies like Will in an astronaut suit from season four after Fitz can’t find a way to use the new gravitonium to create a new device to close the fear dimension properly. Deke can’t provide answers so Fitz suggests looking into Dr. Franklin’s notes. Jemma and Fitz head off after Deke tells them to be careful in an awkward but funny moment.

Image result for agents of shield general haleAgent Piper tries to redeem herself by helping the team track General Hale. Daisy is able to hack Hale’s phone and the team scoops her and her entire car up into a quinjet.

Another subplot this week is YoYo working to get her nerves to interact with the prototype arm constructed from the LMD parts. All she wants to do is get back in the game and I can’t wait to see her do so.

Turning the Tables

Things take an unexpected turn when Fitz from the Framework aka the Doctor, knocks out Deke when he comes to report that the others have captured Hale. When they try and question her, the general refuses to believe that the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are the good guys. She invites Coulson to come with her to see what they’re really up against. When he declines,  she taunts him, questioning if they really thought it would be that easy to hack her phone and capture her.

In the main computer room, an exhausted Fitz’ and Daisy notice two security cameras go out. After Daisy goes to check it out, the doctor appears, terrifying Fitz. His dark doppelganger says that he’s there to do what Fitz is unwilling to do.

In the medbay, Mack and Jemma are working to move YoYo to another floor for safety when an LMD rushes into the room and shoots Mack. In the hanger, the other agents are unable to get Hale’s driver out of the car because he’s too heavy. May realizes that it’s Creel in the car. The man steps out and reveals that he has explosives strapped to him.

The Doctor’s PlansAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Coulson takes the blame for falling for Hale’s trap as Piper, Coulson, and May are surprised to see an LMD of Anton Ivanov arrive. Definitely forgot about that guy! Ivanov explains that his job is to ensure that humanity’s survival and that he’s been the one giving Hale orders.

Downstairs, Jemma and the others try to tend to Mack’s wound. Fitz shakily reveals that the doctor from the Framework is there. Thinking back Leopold’s interests in the Framework, Jemma pieces together that he’s after Daisy. Fitz goes to look for her. Elsewhere, Daisy discovers that nothing is wrong with the cameras just as an LMD sneaks up on her and knocks her out. She wakes up strapped to a table. The doctor reveals that he’s going to restore her powers to shut the breach.

When Jemma finds them, only Fitz and Daisy are in the room and the twist sets in. There’s no doctor, just Fitz. Although he realizes he’s having a potential psychotic break, he says that the doctor has planned for this. An LMD arrives with Deke and holds Jemma at gunpoint.

After restoring Daisy powers, he injects her with adrenaline and gives her instructions on how to complete his design. When it’s completed and the device has closed the breach, the scientist surrenders and is placed in a cell. He reveals to Jemma that he’s been hearing the doctor ever since they came out of the Framework.

Fitz says he doesn’t deserve forgiveness because he thinks he did the right thing and that the doctor is him. In the hallway, Deke comforts Jemma and starts talking about things he shouldn’t know about Fitz like his favorite foods and mannerisms. He says his mom used to talk about his parents all the time and repeats the saying his mother used to say to him. In awe, Jemma realizes who he is just before throwing up. Coincidence?

Elsewhere, Coulson has gone with Hale, Ivanov, and Creel with no other choice.  When they reach their location, Hale goes to a meeting with a superior. He’s unhappy with her continued lack of results and tells her that if she fails, she must drink a vile of odium and go out in a rage-filled episode. As he leaves, he says, “Hail Hydra”.

Review of last week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Fitz twist was one that I was not expecting at all. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. writing team does a good job of having their characters impacted long-term by the things that happen to them, especially Fitz, but I didn’t think they would take it this far. The twist squashes all the happy newlywed feels. The plot also gives Iain yet another chance to show off his amazing acting abilities.

As for the return of Hydra, I’m sure Captain America would groan in frustration. I’m tired of Hydra but I’m also glad that the series doesn’t go the way of some of the films and completely kill off villains and have that be it. I was hoping that Hale was really on the good side and simply misguided, but now I don’t have any hope for her. Receiving the vile of odium makes it clear that whoever is pulling the strings may not be human.

I’m giving “The Devil Complex” a 10/10. Hard to watch but well written.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays at 9 PM

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