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Friday night on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team had to decide whether they were going to save the world or save their leader. Here’s a recap of the intense and emotional season five finale, “The End”.

The tension between the team hit its boiling point, especially when Daisy made the call to save Coulson and YoYo sped over and grabbed the Centipede Serum. YoYo felt alone because despite knowing the future the others won’t listen to her warnings. Mack felt it was only right that they vote on what to do only for May to shatter the vial of odium, leaving only one option.

With YoYo in tears, Fitz told everyone that they would start working on the remedy and everyone else should prepare for the end of the world. Elsewhere, Talbot had his minions take Polly away until Robin agreed to help him. Conceding for her mother’s safety, she gave him the location of the gravitonium. He landed his ship in Chicago, destroying skyscrapers like it’s no big deal.

At the Lighthouse, YoYo explained her position to a bedridden Coulson who said he would have sided with her, while Deke showed Daisy the things he had stockpiled in his room. He revealed that he wanted to see the modern world before it was destroyed so he was going to head out. He also told her if she wanted to lead the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. she needed to fix the broken trust between them all.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 22After May left Coulson with the decision of whether or not he wanted to take the serum, an alert notified the team of Talbot’s location. Before they departed, Daisy recommended Mack take the lead because he’s their moral center and can keep them all on the same page. The others agreed, even Coulson, who emerged looking much better. Reaching Chicago, they packed civilians onto Zephyr and warned police not to engage the enemy. May, Fitz, and Mack worked to clear buildings before they collapsed.

The trio found Robin and Mack climbed up into the busted ship to find Polly. When Daisy and Coulson arrived at Talbot’s location, Coulson sent her ahead on her own, revealing that he didn’t take the serum and that he believed she could stop Talbot. When Fitz returned after putting more civilians on the ship, he realized that if neither Polly or Mack make it to the future, they must die on the ship. He and May arrived just in time to kill two marauders that had Polly and Mack cornered.

On the ground, Daisy smashed Talbot into the street and tried to convince him that he needed to stop. He didn’t buy into her speech but agreed that they should join forces by absorbing her. Elsewhere, Davis landed the other quinjet only to realize that Coulson had fallen unconscious in the back. Everyone was horrified when Davis dragged the man inside. YoYo administered CPR while Jemma ran to get the serum. With the others, the impact from Talbot smashing Daisy into the ground caused the already shaky building to sustain more damage and Fitz was caught underneath rubble as they tried to escape.

Image result for agents of shield the endAs Jemma realized the serum was gone, Daisy found it wedged into her arm gauntlet just as Talbot tried to absorb her. She injected herself with it and quaked Talbot into space just as YoYo got Coulson’s heart restarted. Mack and May weren’t celebrating as they realized that Fitz was severely injured by shrapnel. With tears in their eyes, they comforted him as he passed.

Later on the Zephyr, the team held a memorial service that was revealed to be Coulson’s as he retired to spend his last days in peace in Tahiti with May. While Jemma was devastated by Fitz’ death, she was comforted by the knowledge that a second Fitz was currently in space with Enoch in a cryogenic chamber. Her goal was to find him. Tears were everywhere as they bid Coulson farewell before flying off as May and Coulson watched, hands intertwined.

Review of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 5 finale

Just when you thought the writers would let Fitzsimmons be together, they’ve separated them yet again! Fitz’ death felt like a sucker punch. The reminder that there’s another Fitz floating in space was like a tiny piece of ice to numb it. Not completely understanding how the time loop worked this season, I didn’t realize that there would be two different Fitzs if the time loop broke.

It almost makes me want to go and scan episodes to make sure I didn’t miss something that explained it. The writers did do an amazing job of emotionally smacking us upside the head with Fitz’ death scene. On another note, Marvel seems to like killing people by sending them into space. Admittedly, it’s gotten a little old and I would have liked to see them defeat Talbot another way. I mean Daisy just got a big power boost and she only displayed it in one finishing move.

Moving forward, the team has a lot to work on to repair the bonds that were shredded this season. We also don’t know Deke’s fate since he rolled out. It’s too bad that season six is currently planned to only have thirteen episodes to see Mack as director and learn the final fate of Coulson and the team.

I’m giving the season five finale a 10 out of 10.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is set to return in Summer 2019. May you have strength during the long hiatus!


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