Last week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jemma delivered Fitz a blow by accidentally killing his father, Alistair. In a rage, he followed her and the team to the back door of the Framework with Radcliffe at his side. The team made it back into the real world but left behind Mack who didn’t want to live in a world where his daughter, Hope isn’t alive. We also said goodbye to Trip again.  While they were busy crossing realities, AIDA used the results of Project Looking Glass to give herself a human body. She snatched up Fitz and teleported away.

This week’s episode, “The Return” dealt with the team back in the real world and living with the memories of two lives. Coulson dealt with Ivanov’s LMD pretty quickly with his hand’s shield feature, while trying to explain to May everything she missed while in the Framework.

Jemma, Daisy, Yo-Yo, and Piper, along with their plane full of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. struggled to stay in the air after the de-powered zephyr took several shots from an enemy aircraft. Jemma was anxious to get to the others at the oil rig, especially Fitz. The scientist himself was stuck with AIDA, who tried to reassure him that he did what he had to do to survive in the Framework. With a human body, AIDA dealt with emotions.

Once the enemy threat was gone, Yo-Yo and Daisy had a dispute about leaving Mack in the Framework. Daisy didn’t know that Yo-Yo knew of Hope’s existence. The Inhuman wanted to go back into the Framework and get Mack back herself.Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We also learned that the team didn’t land the jet in the outside world and refuel because S.H.I.E.L.D. is being blamed for the huge explosion at the base and its members are now wanted. General Talbot was, of course, the head of the investigation. When it’s revealed that there’s more than one Ivanov LMD, AIDA began to struggle to contain her emotions. Fitz was able to convince her to help his friends. She ended up saving Mack from dying on the sinking and explosive rig. When the trio teleported into the containment cell with the others, Jemma shot both Fitz and AIDA.

The writers wrote a pretty emotionally heavy scene for Fitz as he struggled with everything he did in the Framework and the idea that he’s ruined all his relationships. He was torn up by the thought of losing Jemma. AIDA lost her cool when she realized Fitz still chose Jemma over her. Just as Jemma moved to get Fitz out of the containment cell, Talbot and the military arrive thinking Coulson and the others are still LMDs. He also commented that Mace’s body was found with his bones crushed like he was hurt by Daisy (the work of Ivanov). Piper and the others got Fitz out, but it’s revealed that while AIDA can’t teleport in the cell, she can access her second power, electricity. It turned out that she had both Gordon and Lincoln’s powers.

AIDA was shot several times but ended up healing from the wounds. Fitz explained to the others that she got her powers from the Inhumans they experimented on in the Framework. With AIDA on the loose, Talbot stood down his team and allowed Coulson and the others to leave on the zephyr. Jemma finally approached Fitz and held him while he cried. After Talbot and his team left, the frame for the quantum portal used earlier in the season opened up. Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider emerged from the portal. Cue the cheers!

On the plane, the team realized that Yo-Yo wasn’t around during their skirmish with AIDA. While everyone was running around, she hooked herself up to the Framework. She woke up in the virtual reality strapped to an examination chair surrounded by debris and fire. Definitely not a good spot to be in!

Final thoughts on this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I didn’t expect them to, but I’m so glad the writers did not gloss over Fitz’ struggle. Iain is such a great actor and can more than handle those scenes. He did really well last night. Fitz comparing himself to Ward is painful, but great writing. In that moment, Fitz had more understanding for his former friend turned enemy.

Talbot always seems to have the worse timing and missing information. I’m surprised that he wasn’t more stubborn about letting the team go. As for our villains, I’m more than ready to say goodbye to Ivanov. I felt relief when Coulson chopped his face off and then annoyed when he actually had multiple LMDs. His partnership with AIDA never really clicked for me. It’s not surprising at all that AIDA can’t handle emotions and that her first experience with heartbreak will make her evil after her short reprieve as an almost decent person. Cliche’ for a villain, especially a woman, yes. Fitting for an android turned human, yes.

I’m giving last night’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a 9/10. Robbie’s return was exciting and Iain’s performance was strong, but the episode felt like a filler before next week’s finale at times. See you guys next week for what’s sure to be an exciting season finale. I’ll be live-tweeting from @cocovanilla45 (Girls of Many Fandoms).


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