After a four-week hiatus, Agents of SHIELD returned and picked up right where it left off; the energy blast caused by Eli Morrow and the disappearance of Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie. The episode entitled “Deals With Our Devils” was complex as it endeavored to show the SHIELD team dealing with the fallout of Eli’s plan, but also the missing trio who have ended up in another dimension.agents of shield Let’s discuss the highlights!

Another Dimension

On the heels of Doctor Strange, multidimensional travel doesn’t seem so difficult anymore. After the energy blast, Coulson, along with Fitz and Robbie are trapped in another dimension. They watch as some of their friends and co-workers begin to mourn, and others deal with trying to bring them back or giving others the news of their “deaths”.

They overhear multiple conversations, one being a phone call between Director Mace and Senator Nadeer’s staff. Fitz is ready to rip the Director a new one when he thinks that Jemma could possibly be in danger. It’s unclear of the exact dimension they’re in, only that it’s sepia-toned. The episode shifts back and forth between the team’s point of view in the regular reality and the other’s in the secondary one. The longer they remain the dimension, the darker it gets. The cast revealed on Twitter that they were often shooting two scenes simultaneously and that it was an interesting experience.

Robbie and the Ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes Agents of shield
Robbie Reyes played by Gabriel Luna.

When they discover they are in a dimension where the others can’t see, hear, or physically interact with them, the Ghost Rider quickly realizes this isn’t a place it wants to be. As the trio are slowly sucked down into the dimension, Robbie grows cold before the rider leaves his body. The spirit of vengeance possesses Mack who rides off on Robbie’s motorcycle to find the Chinatown gang who they believe was hired by Eli. Daisy goes after her friend in Robbie’s car and unknown to her Robbie goes along for the ride.

We get a cool scene where Robbie and the Ghost Rider, in Mack’s body, are face to face. Robbie makes a new deal with the rider; if the Rider returns and helps him settle his score with Eli, Robbie will help the Rider handle all its. That sounds like a lot of vengeance to me.

The Darkhold

May is desperate enough to get Coulson back that she is willing to use the Darkhold. Both Mack (pre-rider possession)and Coulson (from the other dimension) urge her not to use the book. With Simmons not around, Mace calls in Radcliffe and AIDA. Radcliffe takes one look inside the book before he says the Darkhold is too much for a human mind to handle. Lucky from them AIDA is there and offers to read the book. This exposes her android nature to both May and Coulson who react very differently. May seems fine with it as long as she gets Coulson back. On the other hand, Coulson is furious with Fitz for keeping AIDA a secret from him. This leads to a heated discussion about Coulson’s reckless past decisions.

Using fancy tech gloves, AIDA begins to create a sling ring. She completes the ring just in time too, because Coulson is just about to get sucked into a blob of darkness. They make it through the portal, but not Robbie who has gone after the Ghost Rider.

Jemma and the Inhuman

Those far on Agents of SHIELD we’ve gotten a few appearances from Marvel comic and MCU characters. Based on this week’s episode, it seems that we might be getting another. After being “kidnapped” during episode six, Jemma is brought to a warehouse where the Terrigenesis cocoon of Senator Nadeer’s brother is kept. Her kidnappers want her to examine it and tell them what he will become. She is amazed when they reveal that the Inhuman has been in this state for seven months, longer than anyone else. Jemma simply talks to him and calms him down and the cocoon begins to break. His face is partially revealed but we’re not given any other information about him before Jemma is dragged away. I’ve seen speculation that the character may be Dinesh Deol aka Grid. If so, Senator Nadeer has more secrets.

The episode ends with a Fitzsimmons reunion and Robbie surprising Mack by coming through the space where the sling ring was. With hints at his dark past, Mack and Robbie agree to team up. Elsewhere in the base, AIDA who initially seem uncorrupted by the Darkhold, is seen constructing a brain alone in a dark room.

Final thoughts on this week’s Agents of SHIELD

The four-week hiatus was a lot, but this episode was a great comeback. I’m excited to learn more about what caused the pain that the Ghost Rider saw in Mack. For two people who didn’t really like or trust each other, the newly formed alliance between he and Robbie is going to be interesting. I’m also excited for the reveal of Nadeer’s brother. Will he be Grid or another canon Inhuman? Will AIDA succeed in giving herself a brain and if so, will her prime directive of helping change?

Tune in next Tuesday for the mid-season finale of Agents of SHIELD on ABC.

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