On last week’s Agents of SHIELD, the team, plus Robbie, survived a body jumping Ghost Rider, part of the squadagents of shield got trapped in another dimension, and Jemma interacted with Senator Nadeer’s unnamed brother. On this week’s mid-season finale, the team faces off against Eli and the next threat for the second half of the season is revealed. Let’s jump right into the episode recap.


When team locate Eli and what remains of the Chinatown gang at an abandoned warehouse, they regroup and Coulson convinces Director Mace to let Daisy, Robbie, and Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez help with the take down citing “they’re our biggest guns”. Mace is hesitant because he doesn’t want the media to associate Daisy or Robbie with S.H.I.E.L.D. Mace inquires about AIDA since she helped last time and Coulson reveals that AIDA is an android life model decoy. Mace’s response:

“Okay, let’s forget about the fact that I was mildly attracted to her. That totally goes against the Sokovia Accords! Doesn’t anyone remember Ultron?”

Apparently not, Mace. Coulson suggests that AIDA could be an asset and Mace concedes ordering May to go to Radcliffe’s lab and bring the scientist and AIDA. He adds that they will dismantle her after the mission.

When the Mace leaves both Coulson and May doubt Mace’s loyalties because of his connection with Nadeer. With the go ahead, Daisy along with Yo-Yo and Robbie head to the hideout after all of his men pull back. From Zephyr One, Fitz and Simmons scope out the building’s layout, and seismic activity caused by whatever Eli is doing. Yo-Yo uses her super speed to check out the base ahead of her teammates, but is forced to retreat when she steps in a puddle of gasoline.  The tiny splash sets off an explosion. Robbie, not fearing fire, marches into the warehouse.

The Demon Core

Radcliffe arrives and he and Mace discuss AIDA. Radcliffe offers his data and tries to explain that the LMD program was designed to save lives. Mace shows interest in the Darkhold and wants to use AIDA for a mission.

Out in the field, Yo-Yo and Mack are reunited and Robbie comes across his uncle’s creation. He tries to transform into the Ghost Rider, but Eli stabs him with a carbon blade causing his video feed to cut out. Over the comms, Fitzsimmons reveal that Eli has rebuilt the Demon Core, a device that is a fail safe and energy source for Eli. Things get very problematic when the science duo explain that it’s also nuclear due to its plutonium core.

Broken Family

Eli and Robbie have a heart to heart as he explains that he turned to the book because everyone looked down on him. Nobody believed in him as he fought through high school to grad school. All he wanted was their respect.  He tells his nephew that he is becoming a god. Robbie says, “You better be, because the devil is coming for you.” This is one of my favorite Ghost Rider lines of the season.

May arrives with AIDA and Mace reveals a plan to suit up and have Yo-Yo  grab the plutonium. Mack is completely against the idea and vaguely hints at his feelings for her, but Yo-Yo is in no mood to play games. In the lab, Fitz and Simmons reveal Mace’s connections to Nadeer to Daisy and they realize something about the tremors Eli is causing. Coulson and Mace clash over decisions they’ve made before Daisy arrives to confront Mace about his ties to Nadeer. He reveals that he was blackmailed by Nadeer, who had photos of Daisy and Robbie at the prison. Revealing them to the public would ruin S.H.I.E.L.D.’s already fractured reputation. They decide to put their differences aside for the time being to take on Eli.

The Stand-Off

Coulson  heads into the base and acts a distraction while the others prepare a sling ring gateway on the floor just below their feet. Coulson explains to Eli that he hasn’t been creating energy, but stealing it which makes the scientist made. Eli reveals the bomb isn’t a fail but an end to Coulson and those in L.A. Below them, Daisy continues to absorb the quakes, but isn’t sure how much more she can take.

On Coulson’s cue, the team begins their assault, which includes a very cool scene featuring Yo-Yo using her super speed to move her team and the bad guys around; even taking a gun from one of the men and placing it into Coulson’s hand. Downstairs, AIDA takes gunfire for Fitz and Simmons. With all the assailants down, Coulson attempts to pull a transformed Robbie from the core’s structure using a chain, but Robbie let’s go and grabs a hold of his uncle. The gateway opens and the pair, along with the Demon Core, vanish.

agents of shield
Daisy “Quake” Johnson

Daisy is overwhelmed from absorbing the quakes and leaves the building. In an attempt to leave she uses her abilities but to her surprise she flies off into the sky, higher than we’ve seen before. She catches herself before she crashes into the ground, only to be surrounded by reporters and cameras. Mace comes out and announces that he did lie about Quake’s involvement, but she saved them all.


Later inside the base, Coulson and Daisy have one of their familiar father-daughter like chats and he shares that Mace wasn’t the Inhuman he initially wanted to be the face of S.H.I.E.L.D.  He also believes that Robbie will come back. Elsewhere, Yo-Yo and Mack share a kiss finally solidifying their feelings followed by a nice scene of the team sitting around after a successful mission despite the loss of Robbie.

Cue our mid-season finale cliffhanger. At Radcliffe’s lab, Agent Nathanson is collecting Radcliffe’s research when a storage closet opens. He is stunned at what is inside, but before we can see what he sees AIDA appears behind him and apologizes before breaking his neck. The camera pans around and we see May unconscious with a wound on the side of her head.  Back at S.H.I.E.L.D, Coulson and “May” open the wine they’ve been talking about and toast.

Final Thoughts on this week’s Agents of SHIELD

After last season’s Inhumans storyline, I was hoping for more Inhuman action throughout the season beyond Daisy but it seems that Agents of SHIELD wanted to hold off on Yo-Yo for her mini series. I love the scenes with her and I’m glad we’ll be getting a six-part series called Slingshot featuring her character. The series will begin streaming on December 13th on ABC’s website. I was bummed to see Robbie go, but with scores left to settle with the Rider, I’m sure he’ll show up somewhere in the MCU again. Maybe he’ll get a Netflix spin-off.

What did you think about the mid-season finale and the LMD storyline set to unravel when Agents of SHIELD returns on January 10th?

Thanks for reading!


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