Sam SmithAfter taking a break,  Sam Smith returned this month with a new album. The first single, “Too Good at Goodbyes”, was released in September and debuted at number five on the Billboard Hot 100. The album itself charted at number one on the Billboard Hot 200 upon release and has generally received decent reviews. Let’s check out The Thrill of it All (Special Edition) track by track.

Too Good at Goodbyes

We’ve all probably heard this song on the radio a few times by now. Sam Smith is back with the same amazing voice, just more life experience. This is a song that can easily get stuck in your head. Despite having heard it quite a bit, I typically don’t skip or change the station when it comes on. It’s a good single to mark his comeback.


Say It First

Sam captures a familiar state of mind with this song. The song has relatable lyrics and probably makes people feel a lot of things. There are moments in the song where Sam’s voice is very soft and intimate and it adds a vulnerable effect to the song. There isn’t a build like I would have wanted and the lyrics are repetitive, but it’s still a decent song.


One Last Song

This track has a vintage, soul, bluesy sound. I wanted it to get a bit further in its vintage theme and bring in elements of old blues songs. A nice song, but not my favorite.


Midnight Train

A beautiful song, but not very memorable compared to others on the album. The use of horns in the song is very mellow, almost subdued. I would have liked them to be a bit louder to add some flare.



I love the acapella start to this song. The emotional ballad has a nice build that I was looking for in some of the other tracks, so that made me happy. The lyrics and their delivery make this song.



This feels like a very personal song, but I imagine many in the LGBTQA community have thought or experienced the same emotions and things. It feels like a personal chat with not only God but people who don’t view the LGBTQA community in a positive light. Sam is bold and standing in who he is with no apology. The backing vocals on this tracks add a great layer and strength to the song.


Baby, You Make Me Crazy

This song is a bit more upbeat so it automatically stands out from the others. It almost has the same kind of vintage sound as “One Last Song”. The lyrics are catchy and I find myself easily singing along.


No Peace ft. Yebba

This is maybe one of the best songs on the album. Sam and Yebba’s voices come together on this collaboration beautifully. Sam hasn’t done a lot of collabs and this one is a winner.



This track is incredibly beautiful with Sam’s higher notes and backing vocals. I didn’t exactly think it was a standout song, but the song was featured on Apple’s holiday commercial, which is sure to garner some attention. When I say it’s not a standout, I mean you probably won’t hear it on the radio.



“Pray” is another favorite from the album. The message is timely and relatable. Sam had said the song was inspired by time spent in Mosul, Iraq with a charity called War Child. Legendary producer Timbaland is listed as one of the producers on the track, so it’s no surprise that it’s a good song. I have on repeat!


Special Edition Only Songs

Nothing Left For You

I think this song is my favorite. I can’t imagine this album without it, so I’m left to wonder why it wasn’t included on the regular release. The use of the choir is left for the chorus and used wisely so it doesn’t overpower Sam or the song. The bridge is amazing.


The Thrill of it All

The title track feels like Sam spent a lot of time and focus on creating this emotional vocal performance. This song makes it clear that he’s not afraid to go for those high notes and stay there. Despite sounding a bit airy, I think he pulled it off well.



Who knows if the details are true or created to tell a story, but Sam really gets personal with this one. It feels like a love letter to his parents. We get details on their personal lives and growth and it was a nice touch to the album.  I can definitely see why this song is on the special edition version of the album. It’s a special song.


One Day At A Time

I can imagine this song in a movie soundtrack while a montage of a couple spending time together plays. A nice mellow tune.


My Take on Sam Smith’s New Album

A very personal album is what Sam Smith has given us. He’s matured and got some life experience and came back to tell us all about the heartbreak those experiences brought. Most of the songs are slow ballad-like tunes. That’s just Sam’s style. It was hard to give any song on this album an especially low rating because they’re all good songs.

Overall, Sam Smith makes good music. The same way Adele makes beautiful tracks, Sam is not one for upbeat songs. There’s nothing wrong with that because the songs are beautiful. Depending on your mood you may have to listen to the album in parts because you can and maybe will get tired of the mellow vibe. The Thrill of It All is not a pop album in the traditional sense. It has soul, r&b, and even some gospel elements heavily woven through every song. Sam’s voice is amazing so I wanted him to explore a bit more and give us upbeat songs like Money On My Mind. Maybe he’ll spice things up a bit on the next album.

By the numbers, The Thrill Of It All gets an 8.6, or a high B.


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