If you saw the first episode of STARZ American Gods, with its awe and spectacle, but were expecting some sort of a drop or the second not to be as good, boy were you wrong. american gods


The second episode “The Secret of the Spoon” lived all the way up to the first, delivering just as awesome or even more stunning visuals and acting than the first from the initial opening scene, (Which Orlando Brown crushed as Anansi)— to the end where they do something with a hammer that wowed me and left me wanting for more.

So let’s get into the review:

This is one of the most visually stunning shows on STARZ since Spartacus, and maybe Black Sails.

The show opens with Mr. Ibis (The keeper of Stories Past and Present) Chronicling another event from the past. Except this time it’s a slavers ship and they are transporting slaves from Africa to America, in which one of the Slaves starts to pray to Anansi (an African trickster God).

Props to the Showrunners for respecting accents and dialects because that prayer was done in the most beautiful Igbo accent and dialect. It felt very respectful to the culture.

Anansi arrives on the ship and instead of helping free the slaves, he goads them into committing murder suicide citing that they’re dead anyway, doomed to a life of slavery and servitude, and foretells the future of what these men are to expect once they make landfall. He riles them up, breaks their chains and boom anarchy, the ship is destroyed but we see Anansi get off on American shores as a Spider.

Next we move onto Shadow, who is trying to understand what happened to him after meeting technical boy, angry and confused he confronts Mr. Wednesday, and upon telling him what had happened to him. Wednesday reassures Shadow that there is a plan and a He takes the attack on Shadow as a slight to Him. We also get a glimpse of Laura Moon appearing to Shadow who is half-asleep.

Shadow who is trying to move on is back at He, and Laura’s home to pack up and clean the house. He comes across a box collected from the crash site, finds her phone, goes through it, and finds something that no man would ever want to find in his wife’s phone (an appendage picture). Shadow is obviously upset and Mr. Wednesday adds insult to injury by saying to Shadow “Word on the street is she died with said appendage in her mouth, so I wouldn’t spend too much time mourning her.” (What a douche.)

We get more of Yetide’s BILQUIS (I am always here for more BILQUIS). In her scene we hardly hear her talk but we are doused once again with more heavenly visuals, and get to see her literally SNATCH SOULS (Bilquis is an equal opportunity employer).

We get to see Gillian Anderson as Media, (The New God of all Media). Even though she got limited screen time. She delivered her lines and made such an Impact that will resonate with us and Shadow as we move forward.

Finally we got Kloris Leechman and Peter Stromare’s Zorya Vechernyaya, and Czernobog whoin my opinion stole the show from Ian McShane which is hard to do, but they were both so brilliant and engaging, you couldn’t help but pay attention to every word that they uttered. Shoot when Czernobog starts humming the tune to “The Secret of the Spoon” it was evident at that point he had burrowed his way into mine, and Shadows heads, and we were so unaware.

All in all this episode is just as strong as the 1st, with one or 2 things that I will need clarity on I will give this a 9 out of 10, and suggesting that you watch this closely and carefully as to not miss any Easter eggs, or references.


I will be tuned in next week for episode 3, as you should too. Check out my video review of the show on my YouTube channel.

American Gods airs Sundays on STARZ at 9 pm Eastern time.



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