Roman Reigns Attacks Triple H, and the Crowd Doesn’t Care

Let’s just tackle this little gem first and get it out-of-the-way, shall we? I want to start by complimenting the general concept of what they did with Roman Reigns last night. From the beginning, the best stuff they’ve ever done with Roman involved him being a silent badass, attacking with a rage and reckless abandon that could only result in his target being left in a heap. They did this effectively last night, with Reigns pummeling The Game throughout the entire arena, and culminated with Reigns smashing a TV to the back of Triple H. However, most fans wanted to destroy their own TVs, as the reaction to Reigns’ return was unexcited at best, and horrific at worst. Fans immediately started booing as soon as Roman’s music hit, and continued to be uninterested in the brawl throughout. It’s hard for fans to forget the poor booking choices with Roman Reigns in the past two years and, at this point, it’s going to be hard to maintain his character as it is for any more time. Last night proved that Reigns needs to turn heel at Wrestlemania. If they don’t, this guy may never reach the heights he has the potential to reach.

The Undertaker and Shane McMahon Finally Meet

Ugh, this was kind of a rough segment. For whatever reason, the promo work from these guys left the arena feeling flat, and left fans at home still a little confused as to why we should buy into a feud between Taker and Shane. I understand the concept that The Undertaker will be fighting for his own personal legacy as a fighter who never backs down from a challenge. When they eventually clashed, ending in Shane being chokeslammed by The Deadman, the segment definitely picked up. However, Shane tripped over his words during the preceding promo, and Undertaker has never been one of the best workers on the mic. This match will still be exciting because of the Hell in a Cell stipulation and because of the people involved, but I think its fair to believe that all of us anticipated more from this segment, and left it feeling a little down.

Dean Ambrose Continues to Build his Resume

Just deal with it WWE; Dean Ambrose is the best talent that you have on the roster. He has what must be nearing a 100% approval rating from the fans, works the mic better than any other full timer, and puts on a show in the ring. Plus, now he gets to add hardcore legend and fan favorite Mick Foley to his list of personal references on his resume. The backstage segment between the two was one of the best they’ve done during this build to Wrestlemania. Mick Foley literally said this was a “passing of the torch” after handing a gift to Ambrose that contained a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. This segment happened after an earlier confrontation between Brock and Dean, where Dean was able to intimidate Lesnar enough to prevent him from entering the ring to attack a taunting Ambrose. All of this happened after Roadblock this past weekend, where Dean pinned Triple H for the title but lost due to a technicality. They have been building up Dean very nicely leading towards his match against Lesnar at Mania and fans are starting to believe that he can actually win. This is the match that I am getting the most excited for, and I think these guys are going to put on a show.

Other Notes:

  • Ok guys, Ryback vs Kalisto is almost definitely going to be a thing at Wrestlemania. There is nothing interesting about this feud, and the match should be used as an excuse to either use the bathroom or reheat the dip in the oven. No need to be near your television for this one.
  • Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens is building to be one of the best feuds in WWE, just like it was in NXT. However, it seems like they are still going to do the multi-man match at Mania for the Intercontinental Championship. Question: why don’t they make the US Championship match the multi-man match and this one the singles feud. The feud between Zayn and Owens would more than carry a singles match, and a multi-man match is a good way to build excitement for a dead feud. It’s not hard WWE.
  • After a match with Neville, AJ Styles attacked Chris Jericho. This should be a good match for sure, and Jericho is doing a good job of fully committing to the heel gimmick. As long as AJ wins, I’m happy.
  • The show opened with a Tag Team Championship match between The New Day and The League of Nations (which they did at Roadblock as well). Although the pieces involved were different, the result was the same, with The New Day winning with an Xavier Woods roll-up. Afterwards, The League of Nations viciously attacked The New Day, leaving all of them on their backs. I liked this segment a lot, because it established LON as strong heels who the crowd hates (partly because they are good heels and partly because they are a bit boring) and moves The New Day towards the face role. WWE is able to capitalize on the popularity of The New Day here, and creates a tag match at Mania that should be entertaining.

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