anderson silvaIt was announced yesterday that Anderson “The Spider” Silva would not be competing in UFC 198 due to abdominal pain that led to him having surgery on his gall bladder. Silva’s surgery was a success and he will be cleared to leave the hospital on Friday according to Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting. The pain in his abdominal area is very recent as UFC medical consultant Jeff Davidson said “Anderson developed abdominal discomfort (Monday, and) further evaluation today is consistent with acute cholecystitis.” Cholecystitis is when the gall bladder becomes inflamed and must be removed.

Before having surgery and getting knocked out of the fight, Anderson Silva seemed thrilled to have a match in his home country of Brazil, saying “I’m very happy. I’m very excited. It’s my dream to fight in Brazil—in my country, in my city. My career started here. I’m very happy, and this is very important for my legacy and my story fighting in the UFC now.” That excitement is now dead with the recent surgery.

No announcement of when Silva would be ready to get back in the octagon and fight again or if he would be fighting Uriah Hall again, the man he was supposed to fight this Saturday. The UFC had a press release announcing that Silva would be taken off the card and no opponent would be found for Uriah Hall.

The Decline of Anderson Silva

anderson silvaWhile Silva signed a 15-fight contract in October of 2014, he has only fought two times in the year and seven months since signing the deal. This fight would have been his third, but now it is another obstacle in his way. Watching Silva fight over the past couple of years, he has changed. I started watching UFC in 2011 and I saw Silva just take it to his opponents and dominate the octagon. He was quick, smart and executed his attacks perfectly. I saw him take down Vitor Belfort in the first round with a front kick and punches, and I remember watching his rematch with Chael Sonnen where the fight went two rounds instead of five and Silva used his knee to attack the body and delivered punches with it.

Then Chris Weidman happened.

Silva became really cocky that fight, didn’t really try to do much on Weidman, forcing him to attack and Silva to dodge and get into his head. His coaches were yelling at him to fight serious and start attacking. Well, Silva then decided to act like he was dazed and hurt after getting hit by Weidman and started being defenseless, then Weidman pounced on that chance, and knocked Silva out.

Silva would ask for a rematch against Weidman and he would lose in the second round as he broke his leg, taking him out of action for one year. He came back and beat Nick Diaz on a judge’s decision, but it was overturned and ruled a no contest as Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites and Silva tested positive for drostanolone and androsterone. As a result, Silva was out of action for another year.

He came back and fought Michael Bisping in February this year. Silva seemed to be back in his old self. At one point he kneed Bisping in the face at the end of the round and Silva went back to the cocky guy he was in the Weidman fight. He thought it was over and he won, when it was just the end of the round. Silva would go on to lose the fight by judges decision and it was a controversial one.

Could he be on his way out?

anderson silvaSilva hasn’t been the same since that Chris Weidman fight. He is 0-3-1 since losing the title in 2013. Sure he signed a 15-fight contract in 2014 and he has only used two of them so far, but Silva is getting old. He is 41-years-old and his body has been causing issues the past few years with the broken leg and the gall bladder surgery, along with the cracked rib back in 2010. Along with that, he took steroids, something Silva has never done before and why would he need to take them? It could have been to help get that leg stronger, it could have been because Silva knows his body isn’t what it used to be and he has to take them just to keep up now-a-days.

Many factors could be the reason for the steroid use, but it doesn’t deny the fact that Silva could be done with the UFC before the 15-fight contract is up. If Silva can get in one more fight this year, that will leave him with 12 more. If he can do at least two a year, that is six more years of Silva and he will be fighting until he is 47. Nobody will want to watch an old man in the octagon get pummeled and destroyed by a younger guy. I myself am a huge Silva fan and even I don’t want to see him fight for much longer. Silva has a couple of more fights in him, but don’t expect him to last until 2022 if he fights twice a year. Silva could be leaving this sport soon, and a legend will never be forgotten. KnappCombat SportsMMARecent PostsAnderson Silva,Injury,silva,UFC,UFC 198It was announced yesterday that Anderson 'The Spider' Silva would not be competing in UFC 198 due to abdominal pain that led to him having surgery on his gall bladder. Silva's surgery was a success and he will be cleared to leave the hospital on Friday according to Guilherme...