After his ridiculous stat-line of 50-16-5-7-4 on 50% shooting, in a loss on opening night against the Denver Nuggets, Anthony Davis was livid at HIMSELF.

“I’m just trying to be aggressive,” he said, “just knowing this team goes as I go.”

“It would have been more satisfying if we would have won,” he said. “The way I played,** I’m gonna have to … probably not 50 every night, but try to get somewhere along those lines every game to give ourselves a chance to win. That’s the bottom line. ** We just got to go, keep finding guys and trust those guys that they’re going to make shots.”

While the words were directed at himself there is a fair amount of blame to lay on the Pelicans organization. Anthony Davis did everything in his power to win that game but no one around him could help. You have to commend Davis for taking the lead and saying that he will do everything he can in order to win, he knows that he is shouldering this team and understands that as a franchise player he needs to set the pace. But let’s be real here, who is he surrounded by and how much can they really help him?

You have the injury prone Jrue Holiday, who unfortunately is away from the team to tend to his wife who is recovering from brain surgery. We don’t know if and when he will return to the court. When Jrue is healthy, he is an all-star caliber two way guard.

Tyreke Evans is an enigma. One game his ball handling and distribution gets you the W, the next game he dribbles you out of a victory. He does tend to be selfish more often than not, and sees himself as the number one option even with Davis on the floor. Add in his limited range and you have a strange combination at the 3 position.

Quincy Pondexter, if Quincy Pondexter is your 4th best player you have a serious lack of talent. He’s a poor man’s 3 and D player with no outstanding qualities.

Lance Stevenson, see Tyreke Evans. Seriously, forgive me for not believing that Lance Stevenson will bring you back.

And finally Buddy Hield. He’s a promising rookie, and can become a scoring threat with his ability to just shoot the ball. But until he proves that he’s NBA ready he’s not going to be an immediate help.

The Pelicans have Anthony Davis under contract until 2021. Personally, I don’t have faith in this organization to make moves that will get the most out of a player of Davis’s talent and skill. We may be watching the beginnings of Kevin Garnett 2.0, who spent his prime carrying a talentless team.

Michael Gomez

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