Antonio Callaway Draft Profile

Antonio Callaway draft profile


  • Explosive athlete
  • Beats press coverage with inside or outside releases
  • Too much to handle on slants and crossing routes
  • Athletic leaper with plus agility
  • Dominated Minkah Fitzpatrick in 2016 SEC Championship Game
  • Torments man coverage if he’s allowed to operate in space
  • Possesses tremendous pure speed and maintains it throughout his routes
  • Scored a touchdown passing, rushing, receiving and on both kick and punt returns
  • Elite return talent

Analysis: To say Antonio Callaway is an explosive athlete would be an understatement. If he was able to see the field in 2017 with no off the field issues, he would be a first round pick, but that is not the case (reference his off-the-field issues below). Put on his tape from the 2016 SEC Championship game and you will see Callaway light up potential Top 5 pick Minkah Fitzpatrick. His athletic traits allow him to beat press coverage despite his physical strength limitations. He maintains his explosive route speed throughout his routes, rarely dropping down to second gear. If a corner is going to play off-man coverage against him, good luck he is elusive and slippery in space. He can affect the game in a multitude of ways, scoring touchdowns during his Gators career passing, rushing, receiving and on both return teams.


  • Off the field issues–plural
  • Scouts say he is liked by Florida staff but not trusted
  • Does not put in the work in the film or weight room
  • Hands are inconsistent
  • Gives away his out-breaking routes
  • Despite talent, just seven touchdowns over his final two seasons
  • Lacks physical strength
  • Off the field issues—needed to put it twice because he’s a head case

Analysis: Antonio Callaway’s biggest weakness is his off-the-field behavior–I have listed those issues in a separate piece below. His on the field weaknesses are coachable and correctable as long as Callaway is willing to put in the work–and that is something I doubt. Scouts have talked about Callaway’s Florida coaches like him as a person, but they could not trust him at all (he obviously lost their trust on multiple occasions). He also does not put the work in to be great. His lack of effort in the film room and weight room can destroy his career. You cannot rely solely on physical gifts in the NFL–it will only get you so far and teams will have a tight leash on an already shaky Callaway. The lack of work in the weight room shows as he does not possess the physical strength to handle press coverage in the NFL. He can beat it with his quickness, but corners will soon learn how to stop that. Inconsistent hands are more due to focus than ability. Production did not equate Callaway’s talent–only seven touchdowns his last two years on the field.

Antonio Callaway’s off the field issues: I felt the need to address his off-the-field issues separately because this is the sole reason he will not be a Day 1 pick. He faced a sexual assault trial between his freshman and sophomore year but was cleared of those charges before the 2016 season by admitting during the hearing he was “so stoned” he did not want to have sex with anyone. He was also cited for marijuana possession in May 2017 as a passenger in a car stopped because the driver wasn’t wearing his seat belt; he pled no contest to possession of paraphernalia in July 2017. Callaway never played in 2017 because of his involvement in a credit card fraud scheme with other teammates. Instead of looking for reinstatement or a transfer, he decided to declare for the 2018 NFL Draft.

What the experts say: “I just watched him. Really natural athlete and pretty good player but there are just too many headaches to deal with so I can’t see us taking a chance on him. Our owner will say no and I don’t even think we would put him on our board to be honest.” — AFC team pro personnel director

Size: 5’11 197lbs

Draft Grade: 1st round grade on talent alone (off the field issues will remove him from some teams draft boards completely)

NFL Comparison: Tyreek Hill

Draft Projection: Round 3

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