arrow dangerous liaisons

Arrow returned from its Spring hiatus with a pretty disappointing episode and not much happening. This episode should have been big and exciting and get us hyped up for the final episodes but instead it was one of the episodes of this season I’ve disliked.  Spoilers for Arrow from this point on.

So throughout this entire episode I kept thinking about how it was filler but honestly it wasn’t, it wrapped up the Helix storyline and we did get some really good character development for Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Rene and Lyla but everything that happened in this episode should have happened earlier on in the season. We’re too close to the end to devote an episode to Team Helix trying to get their leader back from Argus while Diggle and Lyla argue over right and wrong. This is an episode that should have been around episode 10 or 11.

So Team Arrow are in full on fight mode as they trace down to Chase but to no avail every time. On of the scenes I did enjoy though was the first one in which Team Arrow get into an arcade were they believe Chase to be. This scene was really creepy and Joker-like as Chase rigs the arcade with traps and bombs and guns. Something that kind of disappointed me was how Chase wasn’t in the episode but I get why he wasn’t, he didn’t need to be and the writers don’t want to overuse the character before the final. Let’s not forget how overused Damien Darhk was last season.

Meanwhile Felicity starts making deals with Helix, she helps them do some pretty dangerous jobs like rescuing their leader from Argus and she’ll give her the means to track down Chase. This obviously brings Felicity and Oliver to butt heads as Oliver is not too happy with the dark path she’s going down. The team is unable to stop Felicity and her new team from rescuing their leader Cayden James (season 6 villain?) from the hands of Argus. Felicity however is soon after kicked off Helix because of her connection to the Green Arrow by Cayden James but not before she gets the means to find Prometheus.

Meanwhile during all of this Diggle and Lyla start arguing over how wrong it is that Argus is keeping prisoners in black sites and how Lyla is basically becoming Amanda Waller-lite. I find this extremely hypocritical of Diggle as he has no problem with Oliver’s prison on Lian Yu which also happens to be an illegal Argus blacksite, oh and also the pipeline in Star Labs and what about the Suicide Squad? Yes he had problems with the Squad but he didn’t put up near as much of a fight as he did with Lyla. I kind of understand why he’s getting angry though, his wife has become a dark person and it must be different looking at these illegal prisons when it’s someone you love running them. Either way it seems like the Diggle/Lyla problems will be a big part of next week’s episode.

My favorite part of the episode was the Rene and his daughter subplot, it hit hard and it was emotional and to be honest of this was left out of the episode I would probably borderline hate the episode. I also love Rene’s relationship with Quentin and I loved the moment when Rene’s daughter called Quentin “Hoss”. It seems like their setting Rene up for getting his daughter back in season 6 and I’m sure it’ll be even more emotional than it was in this episode.

The episode ended with Felicity putting her Chase tracker into the Arrow Cave and blowing everything up with the revelation that Prometheus is in their with them. I don’t think Prometheus is actually in their, I think it was just something to throw Oliver and Felicity off and scare them. This also opens up another question: Is Helix working for Prometheus, because that could be kind of interesting if they are. Honestly the only stand outs from this week were Stephen Amell as Oliver and Rick Gonzales as Rene as they were the only ones I actually thought were really on their A game.

As an episode focused on Felicity, she didn’t have any standout moments and while she was developed a little, she was still my least favorite part of the episode as she is the reason that the Arrow Cave has been compromised and she’s just been screwing over the team for the last few episodes now. I’m not looking forward to next week, not because it’s Olicity focused or any of that but because it’s a filler episode and with four episodes left of the season, there honestly could not be a worse time to do it.


5.7/10   Arrow had an extremely disappointing episode this week and doesn’t have me too excited for the next episode.


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