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The Bratva come to Star City to make deals with Oliver and steal hospital drugs in the newest episode of Arrow, this episode dealt with the fallout of last weeks intense torturous journey into Oliver Queen’s head, while it was obvious this episode wasn’t going to be able to match last weeks, we still got a great episode in what is shaping up to be one of Arrow’s most consistent runs in terms of quality, spoilers from this point on.

Anatoly and Oliver have been like brothers since season 2 and while he was a villain known as KGBeast in the comics, it always never seemed like this version of the character would ever turn down that path, that changed in this episode as Oliver and Anatoly came to odds over the way the Bratva now do things. It was kind of sad to see the two like this towards each other and while I’m hoping that they become allies again sometime down the road, it really doesn’t look like they will. It seems that after this episode they’re setting the Bratva and Anatoly to be either a recurring antagonist on the show or maybe even next season’s villain.

Stephen Amell successfully played a very down, broken and destroyed Oliver in this episode, this reminds me of him in the aftermath of Moira’s death when he had just given up and was willing to let Slade kill him. Oliver began pushing everyone away, Diggle and team Arrow had to begin acting on their own and he cut his ties with Susan. The way Oliver was around Adrian was especially interesting, after something like what just happened to him you would imagine Oliver would be trying to kill him at every chance he got but Oliver just didn’t care.

Oliver makes a deal with Anatoly and the Bratva, they kill Adrian Chase in whatever way they can and Oliver allows them to operate in Star City and to steal drugs they want. Oliver pointed out at one point that this Anatoly is much more in line with Kovar than the man he left in Russia. It’s sad to think about, Anatoly has become the thing that him and Oliver destroyed. It takes Team Arrow to get through to Oliver and make him realize that the Bratva aren’t the solution they need.

I’m going to be honest, Diggle really irritated me this episode, they could have had Adrian killed but Diggle had to make the team intervene because this isn’t the way they should go about killing him,seriously??? Why does he care what way Adrian ends up dead, he killed Billy Malone, his own wife, used a version of Laurel against them, killed countless other people and he destroyed Oliver. I get why they had to have Dig stop them, they can’t kill Adrian yet with another couple of episodes but I think they should’ve found a better reason than “Oliver will regret this”.

Felicity and her Helix plotline is moving along nicely, they were actually really useful in this episode and were responsible (along with Curtis) for catching a video of Adrian taking his Prometheus mask off, this led to my favorite scene in the episode of Adrian killing two of his bodyguards, one of them by throwing a pencil into his eye. The ending scene of Adrian driving off towards Star City with his face covered in blood and whistling a happy song was very Joker-like but it was very effective, it makes me really hate that the shows now on a four-week break.


8.7/10     Arrow gave another great episode as the show enters the final stretch.


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