There must be something in the water down at the CW because all four superhero shows have had very strong returns. Arrow is perhaps the most surprising as the new season is leaps and bounds ahead of the last season.

The latest episode, titled “Matter of trust”, kicks off with Arrow aggressively interrogating someone about the dealer of a new drug named Stardust. The team watches on as Oliver ends up dropping the man off of the building (didn’t kill him though) and more arguments arise about whether or not the team is ready to go out in the field. Wild Dog takes matters into his own hands (and also brings Evelyn along) by tracking down the dealer, Sampson, who is played by Cody Rhodes. Stardust…Cody Rhodes, get it? Not the most subtle of jokes. Anyway, they do actually take down Sampson who falls into a pool of Stardust. Presumed dead but anyone who has seen anything superhero related knows that being dropped into a vat of chemicals just gives you powers.


Oliver has other problems to face, this time as mayor. Thea accidentally creates some negative attention for Oliver by not only appointing Quentin as deputy mayor but revealing that he didn’t know she appointed him. This is responded to by Oliver as he takes full responsibility for everything his team does because he trusts them and endorses Quentin. Plus me meet the new DA Adrian Chase. “I don’t hold grudges”, what a suspicious line Adrian.

He isn’t the only one facing problems, as Diggle is now in jail after being framed for war crimes in the previous episode. The cell isn’t just for Diggle because Floyd Lawton is back! Deadshot survived the building explosion and discusses Diggle killing his brother with him. When Lyla visits him in prison, he admits he deserves to face justice and will plead guilty to the crimes. Oh, by the way, Deadshot isn’t back. He was being hallucinated by Diggle so we have to say goodbye to the popular villain again, although it was nice to see him. Lyla decides that Oliver needs to plan a jailbreak for Diggle.

To finish up we go back to the Green Arrow storyline. Sampson is back with super strength and the inability to feel pain. He finally learns to trust the team and takes them with him to fight Sampson. They all play their parts, especially Oliver who gruesomely slices all tendons in Sampson so he cannot move. He then slow-mo walks away from the explosion of the building. Nothing beats an explosion slow-mo scene. Felicity also tells Ragman of her part in the destruction of Ravenrock. Flashbacks don’t feature as predominantly in this episode but Oliver does find out that the people (well, at least one person) who helped him ring the bell weren’t such innocent people and the Bratva actually help deliver their own brand of justice. This ends with Oliver having to trust his new “brothers” as they take turns slicing his back. Ouch.

Arrow has really surprised me this season and I enjoyed this episode a lot too. I don’t feel it was quite as good as the previous episode but it was still a knockout one for me. The standout moment for me has to be the whole team working together for the first time. Everyone played their own individual part. We saw Mr Terrific for the first time but I might need time to adjust to what he looks like with his hair flat. The slow-motion highlighted the greatness of the scene. The Casey Jones reference in the elevator did not go unnoticed either Oliver.

It was also the return of deadshot. My third favourite villain to appear on this show behind deathstroke and Malcolm Merlyn. I genuinely believed he was back, mainly because in the “previously” part of the beginning of the show, it showed the scene where Barry explains Flashpoint so I thought it would be a result of this. The acting was superb as usual and seeing Lawton and Diggle going at each others throats brought back some memories from previous seasons.

Sampson had an interesting story to him as we actually saw how he got his powers, which we don’t usually see however the idea of Stardust just seemed very close to the whole Vertigo drug. The villain was solid but unspectacular. I’ll end on the note that I like how Lance is keeping his job as deputy mayor. After losing everything he had I was worried that being fired might just be the straw that breaks the camels back. Thankfully it didn’t come to that. No sightings of Prometheus this episode but the team working together was a sight to behold. I am looking forward to next week.


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