arrow 5x15 vigilante

So I’ve said it a few times, about how Arrow has been really great this year and I was expecting big things from this episode and this episode delivered way more than I expected, spoilers for Arrow from this point on.

So I’m going to start straight into the big thing, Adrian is Prometheus. Honestly he was not on my list of people, I had gone over this so many times, I had it down to either Billy Malone,  Tommy or Yao Fei and I had Adrian down for without a doubt one hundred percent being Vigilante, well serious props to the writers for not having me guess, if you look back on it now it’s painfully obvious. Adrian talks like somebody who could be an insane serial killer, he’s gotten close to Oliver, he showed up around the same time as Prometheus did, he even walks just like Prometheus in a scene from episode 5×05. I’m really happy with the reveal, it was done at a crazy unexpected moment in an episode that was promoted to be a Vigilante based episode, I thought someone was going to get unmasked tonight but I was almost positive it would be Vigilante, now I have myself asking who the hell is Vigilante??

But besides the crazy reveal, this episode had everything going for them, I found myself liking Curtis and rooting him on for perhaps the first time this season, I’m actually getting invested in Felicity and her Helix storyline and I loved all of Rene’s “Balls” jokes with Curtis. Oliver had an important storyline this week and while he didn’t appear as Green Arrow at all this episode, this has been one of my favorite Oliver arc’s of the season. With the discovery that Mayor Oliver Queen helped to cover up the death of Billy Malone, Oliver had to make a huge decision that will affect him as the Green Arrow going forward, he tells the people of Star City that the Green Arrow was a cop killer and he didn’t feel it right to tell the city that someone they had put their trust and faith in had become a villain and a murderer.

Thea is still heading down a dark path as she made some more questionable decisions this week, including wanting to lie to the public and tell them Billy Malone was a corrupt officer and that’s why the Green Arrow killed him. Willa Holland has only been contracted to appear in 14 episodes for this season and it looks like she’s leaving again for a while after this episode, I don’t think we’re going to see her again until the final few episodes. Curtis also got some great character development this week as he’s becoming more and more like his Mister Terrific comicbook character, his T-Sphere’s were actually very helpful for Team Arrow in their final fight against Vigilante and I hope we see more of his cool tech in future episodes, he’s also getting divorced with his husband though which kind of sucks.

The rooftop scene with Prometheus and Vigilante was a really great fight scene, while it only lasted about a minute but it was really well done. These are two people who are on par with Green Arrow, fighting over who gets to kill Oliver and for most of the fight they’re incredibly even matched, they did a really good job of showing that the two villains are both formidable and the fight scene didn’t nerf either of them, when Prometheus took control of the fight it was almost over instantaneously though, the second he grabbed Vigilante by the neck you could tell Vigilante didn’t stand a chance.

Arrow unfortunately isn’t back next week but I haven’t been this hyped for the next episodes since season 2 so I’m very excited.



Arrow delivered one of it’s best episodes of the season with some amazing story arcs and great character development.



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