arrow season 5

So I have a huge soft spot for Arrow, I’ve been watching since it started and I love Green Arrow, seasons 1 and 2 are probably my favorite of any TV show ever, and I enjoyed season 3 but hated season 4. That being said I enjoyed the first half of season 5 a lot but I hated last week’s episode, I feel like they very much so underutilized Black Siren, I thought the episode was really boring with not too much going on and it’s just starting to get annoying how inconsistent Arrow can be. I was going into this episode expecting to hate it but I really really enjoyed this episode.

I really didn’t like the direction the show was going with this new Black Canary but I have to say that Tina Boland isn’t near as bad as I thought she’d be. She’s got the Canary Cry, a legit one that she received  from the Particle Accelerator. From the start this version of the Black Canary is probably what Laurel should have been, one of the reasons I love season 3 so much is because of the path Laurel takes to become the Canary. Also I found out about Tina actually being called Dinah Drake a few hours before the episode and I was really annoyed, I was thinking that this is crazy and won’t make any sense. But by the end of the episode I was okay with this change and i’m going to embrace it.

So Tina’s story in this episode is essentially just that she was an undercover cop for CCPD, she was found out and her partner/lover was killed by the gang she was infiltrating, she’s spent the last three years since the Accelerator went off hunting down the people who killed her partner. Oliver also decides after the Black Siren incident that he needs to honor his promise to Laurel and he needs a new Canary, this leads Ollie, Rene and Curtis to Hub City. Oliver tracks down Tina and learns about what happened to her thanks to a cool cameo of Singh and The Flash. This leads Oliver, Rene and Curtis on a mission to try and stop Tina from killing the man responsible for her partner’s death.

This was one of the things that I didn’t like about the episode, Oliver makes a huge deal about stopping Tina from killing these horrible people but proceeds to blow up a helicopter at the end of the episode that probably had maybe 4 or 5 people inside it? I know it’s kind of just nitpicking but come on Arrow. After Tina exacts her revenge on Sonus, she shows up at Oliver’s mayoral office and reveals her real name as Dinah Drake, with a reveal like this i’m assuming that she’s going to be around for a long time and i’m okay with that.

The flashbacks were really great this week too, we saw some awesome season 1 style Oliver fights against about 10 people and Talia is proving to be very interesting with the reveal that she trained Yao-Fei. While the flashbacks beginning to come full-circle with the original suit, Robert’s list is really cool and great, it’s being insanely rushed but they really have no other option at this point, they wasted the flashbacks for two whole seasons and now have about 11 episodes to turn Oliver into a ruthless killing machine, who’s fluent in Russian and Chinese, can fly a plane and is back on the island with a huge beard so that he looks like he’s been there for months, they have a lot to do.

Felicity started a new story arc this week with her resorting back to her hacker years, she needs to try and find information that will exonerate Diggle and on her search she discovers a hacktivist group known as Helix who were inspired by Felicity’s hacking from years ago, they have the information to exonerate Diggle and hand it over with the hopes that they can inspire Felicity to become the hacker she once was. I’m assuming this is the dark Felicity arc that the showrunners have been teasing since the mid-season and i’m optimistic on where this arc will go.


I’m happy with the path that Arrow is on and i’m looking forward to what the show will be doing in the next few episodes.



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