We are now into November and that means one thing… the return of the CW superhero shows. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow all made heroic returns to our TV shows with their new seasons (albeit Legends being one week later than the others), but who has had the best first episode?


I’m going to start with what I thought was the best of the bunch. After a disappointing fourth season for most fans, arrow needed to step up its game, and it sure did. Oliver going back to killing seems to be a very good move from CW because it has caused a step up in the action scenes. Anytime the Green Arrow appeared on the screen it made a great scene. Paired with new, more exciting flashbacks involving the Bratva, a fresh new bow-wielding villain and the promise of a training for a new team, the first episode was one of the best they have done in a while. Plus,  I loved the touch of adding the parachute arrow.


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The Flash:

The Flash also aired their return episode next week and we knew we had a lot of questions that needed answers. Barry had just saved his mother from Reverse Flash and completely reset the timeline. Flashpoint was a big story to handle, but the CW did it very well, especially considering the characters from the comic story Flashpoint that couldn’t be used e.g. Thomas Wayne. I was surprised to see it only last one episode (although the consequences won’t) but it was a great episode. Any scene involving Eobard Thawne was excellent as it made you question who the bad guy really was out of the two. Cisco’s new, super rich ego was another highlight and you could tell Carlos Valdez enjoyed playing a slightly different version of himself. Wally West stepped up as the main speedster this time and he didn’t disappoint. It was nice to see him play a main hero role rather than just a sidekick of the Flash. The only let-down was the Rival. He seemed one-dimensional and didn’t offer a lot. However with Dr. Alchemy appearing, I am loving seeing a new take on a villain, one that doesn’t use speed.


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Legends of Tomorrow:

Legends of Tomorrow was the most recent show to return. Arguably the most fun of the shows and it shows this through the various time periods we see the Legends travel through.  Sara being seduced by King Louis XVI’s wife, Dr. Stein knocking out his hero Albert Einstein and Ray being chased by a dinosaur were all funny and brilliant scenes. The CGI budget on the show has definitely been stepped up. The story of these time-travelling adventures was told in flashbacks by Mick Rory, the only one not transported to a different time period by Rip Hunter, due to his injuries, when the Waverider was hit by a nuclear missile (looking at you Einstein and his ex-wife). It was sad to see the lovable Brit go, even all his moaning. The introduction of Eobard Thawne and Damien Darhk makes for an incredibly deadly duo and we even have the Justice Society of America but what they want with the Legends is unknown.


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Lastly is Supergirl. I did a review of the second episode of the show  a couple of days ago and  whilst I feel bad for putting this last out of the CW shows, as there were many positives to it, I don’t feel it was quite as gripping as the other shows. That’s not to say it was bad, in fact I thought it was a very good start. I loved the introduction of Superman and him fighting crime with Supergirl was a beautiful sight to behold. A bold move to introduce Superman but it paid off really well for the CW as they knew just how to balance him with Kara. Name-dropping Lex Luthor and actually seeing a Lena Luthor was surprise that I certainly enjoyed. We were left with some burning questions about who the villain was, why they were holding Alex’s dad hostage and what is their motive. Overall a solid start, but not spectacular.


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All CW shows had strong starts and they only look like they will build from there and I can’t wait to see more.

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