Thank goodness Donald and the rest of the Atlanta writers went lighter last week. I’m not sure I could take another tense episode like “Teddy Perkins”. Thursday’s episode “Champagne Papi” (Yes, that Drake’s Instagram handle), centered around Van and her friends going out for New Year’s Eve only for things to go south. Van’s main goal: get a picture with Drake and post it on her IG after seeing a woman in Earn’s IG story.


Van her friends Candice (Candy), Nadine, and Tami declare that there will be no talk of kids or baby daddies aka Earn as they head out to a party thrown by Drake. Candy has a “relationship” with the DJ named DJ that gets them into the event. By relationship I mean she uses her beauty and he gets her into events and takes her places.

Sign one that the night is going downhill, the shuttle meant to pick them up is a van in a dark parking lot. Comic relief for what was a kind of creepy moment was the lingering pizza dude asking to come with them because he had a pizza to deliver to Drake. Dude really wanted to be put on cause he made music. Typical. The van is packed with other women, one of whom cried tears of joy.

When they get there they had to show proof that they were invited and put on shoe covers to keep the floors clean. Shout out to the poor girl who got dragged away singing “You the best, you the best” after claiming to be invited by Drake himself. Inside, Candy finds DJ and he offers them edibles before he and Candy go off together.

Sign two of an epic fail, the person who invited you leaves you once you get to the party. Soon Tami goes off too and followed around a famous guy who is dating a white woman so she could convince him to give her a chance. Nadine, who was hesitant to take the edible gummy, got hit the hardest and Van lost her after going to get her water.

AtlantaVan had to escape from Brandon, a guy who did her a favor and then latched on claiming to be Drake’s nutritionist’s cousin. After she ducks away from him, she ends up exploring the house and finding some of Drake’s clothes. She managed to snatch a jacket and some sweatpants. The entire time I’m expecting her to get caught by the man himself.

Instead of finding Drake, she finds his grandfather (played by Carlos Guerrero) trying to get a TV to work. Because of a language barrier (Van doesn’t speak Spanish and Drake’s gramps doesn’t seem to speak English), they don’t have a full on convo, but the man does gesture to a calendar on the wall that shows that Drake is in Europe on tour and not at the party in Atlanta. Elsewhere, Candy has left with DJ to go to T-Pain’s NYE party and Tami, who is high and on her way to being drunk, goes off on Devyonne Johnson’s girlfriend. The woman quickly scrambled away from her.

Downstairs, Van discovers that women have been taking pictures with cutouts of Drake for $20 to post online. Annoyed, she goes to find Nadine and is confused when she finds her friend talking to Darius poolside. The first question out of her mouth is if Earn is there too. He’s not, but Darius apparently knows Drake’s chef somehow. It’s not long until they start kicking people out of the house and with Candy gone, they have to find Tami and walk home. During their walk, Van has an epiphany, Drake is Mexican.


Review of this week’s Atlanta

This week’s episode hit the nail on the head about the way some people use social media to portray certain lifestyles and things about themselves. The story of friends splitting up and losing each other at a party was relatable. I really enjoyed “Champagne Papi” although I wanted a quick Drake cameo.

I’m giving Thursday’s episode of Atlanta a 10/10.

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