This week on the season two finale of Atlanta, Al, Earn, and Darius prepped for an overseas tour with Clark County while Van contemplated a decision about her life. Here’s a recap and review of “Crabs in a Barrel”.

The episode kicked off with Earn bringing Lottie to a meeting where Al was introduced to an entertainment lawyer. The man, who was African American, mentioned that some of his clients were on Love & Hip-Hop and that didn’t sit well with Al. After the meeting, Al was adamant about having a Jewish lawyer.

AtlantaLater, Earn took Lottie to meet Van at Lottie’s daycare and clearly didn’t know where her classroom was. Her teacher implored them to put Lottie into a private school that would foster her education rather than leaving her in her current school which wasn’t able to probably challenge the intelligent child. They’re happy that Lottie is so smart but can’t afford private school.

After parting with Lottie and Van, Earn had to make sure Al and Darius were packed, the movers were there to pack up the moving truck, and Darius got his expired passport situation figured out. The pair went to a company run by a Jewish family that specialized in quick passports. The young clerk explained that most of their clients were rappers. He even recommended his cousin as an entertainment lawyer. Remembering Al’s demand, Earn asked if there was a black lawyer who was as good as the man’s cousin.

The man explained that there were good black lawyers but none of them would have the connections his cousin did for systemic reasons. While they waited, Earn got a text from Van saying that she was considering moving back to her parent’s house with Lottie. Darius noticed his fallen expression and gave Earn a mini pep talk. Darius believed that if Al did fire him, he’d wait until after the trip so Earn could see the world.

ATLANTA Robbin’ Season CR: Guy D’Alema/FX

Back at the apartment, Al, Earn, and Darius sat outside on a couch waiting for their ride to arrive, reminiscent of season one. At the airport, the trio met up with Clark County and his manager, Lucas. In the security checkpoint, Earn discovered that he still had the golden gun his uncle gave him in his backpack after Al found it in a box at his house. Not wanting to cause a scene, Earn slid the gun into Clark County’s bag.

On the plane, Al told Earn that he saw what he did with the gun and he approved because you’ve got to do whatever it takes to get by when people don’t care about you. He told Earn that he had to get himself together. Just as the conversation ended, Clark County got on the plane and told them that Lucas had been taken away by the police after a gun was found in his bag. Image result for atlanta crabs in a barrel

Darius, Al, and Earn shared a look after Clark walked away. Earn took that moment to lean over and tell his cousin that the weapon was put into Clark County’s bag. Back at the apartment, Tracy banged on the door asking someone to open up.

Review of this week’s Atlanta

While the season finale wasn’t as exciting as other episodes of season two in terms of the characters running around or having charged moments, the weight and uncertainty of Earn’s future rested heavy on the episode. Between Van considering moving with Lottie and the child’s need for a better school, he not only has a lot to consider at home but overseas he’ll have to step his game up to continue riding with Al. It’s time for him to show up or get left behind.

What I really liked is that throughout the episode I wasn’t entirely sure that Earn was going to leave Atlanta with Al. There were moments where it seemed like he was considering staying behind to iron out things with Van, be there for Lottie, and get himself together. These characters went through a lot this season with a lot of messages throughout. Earn took plenty of losses. Putting the gun in Clark’s bag was his moment of doing whatever it took to get by even at the cost of someone else, just like in the “FUBU” episode. We’ll see if he can really step up in all areas of his life. This finale left a lot to be handled in future episodes. There’s no word yet if Atlanta will be back for a third season, but I hope so.

I’m giving the season two finale a 10 out of 10. 


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