Baker Mayfield Draft Profile

Baker Mayfield Draft Profile


  • Competitive nature
  • Commands the huddle
  • Solid arm strength
  • Accurate to all levels
  • Accurate on the move
  • Quick release
  • Mobility
  • Great numbers in the red zone

Analysis: You won’t find a quarterback in this draft class who plays with more of a chip on his shoulder than Baker Mayfield–that can be a good thing. He’s ultra-competitive and will do whatever it takes to win. Teammates rally around him on and off field. In complete command of his offense and has improved with each season. Mayfield is always light on his feet and quick to fire throws directly after the snap. He eyeballs and eliminates safeties to isolate man coverage on his receiver. Mayfield’s arm strength may not be the best in this draft, but it is underrated with the amount of zip on his throws. He drives with his lower body for added velocity. Accurate on all three levels. Completed 53 percent of his throws of 21-plus yards over last two years. Drops touch throws over top of linebackers trailing in coverage. Can make things happen when the pocket collapses–improv talent.  Completed 67 percent when on the move. Rises to the occasion. Posted elite production and efficiency as passer in the red-zone.


  • Size
  • Release point causes batted balls
  • Scheme QB?
  • Erratic footwork
  • Ball placement when trying to rifle the ball
  • Field vision
  • Competitiveness can come across as cockiness
  • Too many back foot throws

Analysis: As you probably have heard, Baker Mayfield falls short of size marks for a traditional early-round quarterback. Short with drop-down release makes him more susceptible to batted passes. Mayfield benefited from Oklahoma’s spread scheme that created HUGE passing windows to throw to. Rarely did Mayfield have to fit his throws into a tight window with a defender pasted on his target. He will need to improve full-field scanning. Can be thrown off rhythm by delayed blitz packages and disguised coverages. To say Mayfield’s footwork is erratic is an understatement. He is constantly throwing off of his back foot, across his body–this will only cause for trouble at the next level. Ball placement disappears when he tries to gun it. Deep balls hang on him. Can’t afford any delay in deep release to beat safety over the top. Needs to eliminate his back foot throws. Desire to make plays will lead to unnecessary sacks. Has to prove he can reign in and control on-field edge and cockiness.

Final Thoughts:

Baker Mayfield has the arm strength and accuracy to last in the NFL, I’m just not sold on him being anything more than a system quarterback. The spread offense at Oklahoma was a perfect fit for his attributes and you will not see that type of system in the NFL. He will need to improve his post-snap reads as well as honing in his competitive fire. That attitude worked well in college, but in the pros it can work against him with his teammates. Because of the positional need, Mayfield will likely be a first round pick, but his talent level screams Day 2 pick.

Size: 6’0 220lbs

Draft Rank: No.5 QB

NFL Comparison: A more athletic Case Keenum

Draft Projection: Round 2

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