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NBA Free Agency starts today and while there hasn’t been much action, there is still plenty of time for things to go right or wrong for all of the teams, including the Pistons. Detroit has already made some moves, but no player can sign a contract until July 7 and we all remember the DeAndre Jordan drama where he said he would go to Dallas, but ended up re-signing with the Clippers. Detroit needs to make some moves, nothing too flashy but Detroit needs some depth at both PG and SG and they could find a good backup center if they feel like moving on from Baynes, but the main goal is to bring back Andre Drummond. Now we won’t know who will officially sign with the team until July 7, but here are some best and worst case scenarios for the Pistons.

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Best Case Scenario 1 – Andre Drummond Re-Signs with Detroit

Andre Drummond is possibly the best center in the NBA. Detroit has the cap space and needs to re-sign him ASAP. Reports are saying we are working on a 5 year deal for $130 million, which is a lot but for somebody this good he deserves every penny. This scenario is almost going to happen, but you can never guarantee something this early in free agency. Drummond coming back would be huge for the Pistons and as they reappeared in the playoffs for the first time since 2009. Detroit is making its way back to the top and with Drummond it will be even easier.

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Best Case Scenario 2 – Detroit Finds Depth at Guard

Detroit needs some help at both guard spots. Behind Reggie Jackson is nobody. Steve Blake is gone and Spencer Dinwiddie got traded, so Detroit needs help and they seem to have already gotten some. Ish Smith has agreed to a three-year deal for $18 million and he averaged 12 points in Philly last year so Detroit could have already addressed that part of the issue. Now if Detroit can get another guard that can shoot the three ball, Detroit will have depth.

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Worst Case Scenario 1 – Andre Drummond Signs Elsewhere

The chances of this one happening are low, but you got to be ready for the worst in free agency. Drummond leaving would be a huge blow to the Pistons and they would have to fight just to be an above .500 team. If we have the best player we have had on this team in years just walk out, heads would fly and jobs would open up at the Palace. No way Drummond leaves if he is getting a max contract on a team that is contending for a title, but you can never say never.

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Worst Case Scenario 2 – Detroit Overpays for Somebody

Money is flying around like crazy during the free agency so far. Timofey Mozgov is getting $64 million after averaging six points in the regular season and one in the playoffs. Bradley Beal is getting paid as much if not more than Andre Drummond. Chandler Parsons is getting offered a little under $95 million after averaging just 13 points and three assists. Overall, players are getting overpaid like no tomorrow. Detroit needs to be smart here and only give out one big contract to a player who actually deserves it, which is Drummond. Detroit may not have the cap space to afford another big contract, and they shouldn’t need another big contract player. Al Horford is the only big name player that keeps floating around the Detroit Pistons and Detroit would not be smart if they brought him in on a big contract, or bringing him in at all. They already have Morris, Harris and a rookie named Henry Ellenson at the power forward spot, so adding Horford would be overload with two players getting paid more than $16 million per year in the same position. KnappBasketballCentral DivisionDetroit PistonsNBARecent PostsAndre Drummond,Detroit Pistons,detroit pistons bench,ish smith,NBA,NBA free agency,Pistons,scenarioNBA Free Agency starts today and while there hasn't been much action, there is still plenty of time for things to go right or wrong for all of the teams, including the Pistons. Detroit has already made some moves, but no player can sign a contract until July 7...