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Tuesday night on Black Lightning, Jefferson once again faced issues at home and at work while Anissa made a decision about her life. Here’s a recap of Tuesday’s episode.

“Translucent Freak” kicked off inside of Jen’s mind where she was training with Perenna. Her goal was to control her powers but memories of  Khalil made her lose control. At Freeland PD, Henderson was hard pressed to find some evidence against Tobias after all of the evidence from the Pierce case thirty years ago went missing. After Jefferson learned of Anissa and Peter’s outing he lectured her about the dangers of going after professional killers versus gangbangers. When he played the classic ” as long as you live under my roof” card, she told him she’d be gone by morning.

Image result for translucent freakJen was upset about her sister leaving, but Anissa promised that she would always be there for her and made her promise to stay away from Khalil who texted during their conversation. The next morning, Lynn reminded Jefferson that Anissa was new to her powers just like Jen. Later, he went to see Henderson when he heard that Tobias could be let go. He revealed that he was there the night his father was killed, leaving Henderson in a tough spot since Jefferson gave a different testimony as a kid.

In the basement of the tailor shop, Kara was revealed to be alive and under Gambi’s care. When he explained that she was dying, she got angry and told him that she wasn’t going to tell him anything. At Garfield, Jefferson found himself at odds with Principal Lowry after he expelled and suspended students for fighting. Jefferson broke up the fight and made the boys make peace, so he didn’t agree with Lowry’s harsh punishment. Elsewhere, Anissa went to Gambi for shelter.

At the A.S.A., Lynn was appalled when Dr. Jace let one of the teenagers in the pods die so she could get data to use for the others. At the jail, one of Tobias’ allies arrived and asked for permission to kill whoever stole money from them for the clinic. Tobias gave his permission under the condition that monitors would be placed outside the clinic just in case Black Lightning showed up.

Black Lightning That night, Anissa got wind of the looming attack on the clinic and told her father, bummed that he was right about them targeting it after her actions. While Lynn got worried when Dr. Jace discovered DNA samples that belonged to a family of metahumans, Anissa and Jefferson took care of bombs placed at the clinic.

Down the street, Gambi faced off with the young woman who placed them there while pretending to be pregnant. She ended up getting away by stealing a passing motorcyclist’s motorcycle. The next morning, Ms. Montez told Jefferson he couldn’t go on the stand because nobody would believe him since he lied about the case as a child.

Back at home, Jen wasn’t pleased to learn that her parents had decided to homeschool her instead of letting her go back to Garfield. That night she snuck out to meet up with Khalil at the school while Kara died after giving Gambi her phone. Elsewhere, Tobias was released from prison and told reporters that he wanted to rejoin society as a pillar of Freeland. Later, he threw a party with the 100 with Khalil standing just over his shoulder.

Final thoughts Tuesday’s episode of Black Lightning

Jefferson’s life doesn’t seem to get getting any easier, which is a typical way for a season to start; your hero’s life is crappy and they have to work through it. It gives us a chance to see him at his low points and see all kinds of character development as he realizes his own faults. Anissa needs to have this kind of experience as well for us to see some character development. For someone in medical school, she acts more like a teenager and we rarely actually see her doing anything with school.

The show does a great job of keeping the same feel, especially when they incorporate funk music into fight scenes and give us shots of our heroes strutting down the hallway together in their suits. With Tobias in the public eye again things are going to get even more difficult for Jefferson. Hopefully, the writers don’t exhaust us with tension and most of our characters not getting along. Final note: Kara’s character could have played a bigger role in the series and her death felt lazy.

I’m giving “Translucent Freak” a 7 out of 10.

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9 PM EST on the CW.


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