Black Lightning

Last week on Black Lightning, the ASA brought on a scientist with questionable ethics to work on a Green Light cure, Anissa made a decision about her relationships, and we got a peek at Jen’s internal struggle. Here’s a recap of season two, episode three, “Master Lowry”.

The episode kicked off with a metahuman running away from police and saying that she needed to go home. Black Lightning arrived and knocked her out. Later, Jefferson went to see Gambi. They brainstormed how to find Tobias and Jeff thought Khalil was their best bet.

At his HQ, Tobias gave Khalil more responsibilities but not without his typical mental manipulation. In Freeland, citizens were upset that the church’s health clinic would be closing after a real estate man brought all of the buildings on that street. At the Pierce home, Jen showed Anissa that she was working on controlling her powers so she could get out of the house. She also told her sister to leave Zoe B. alone and find a relationship with substance.

Black LightningAt Garfield, Jefferson met the new principal who was very short with his predecessor. He demanded to be called Principal Lowry and had metal detectors installed at the school. Later that day, Jen was approached while she was out on a walk by a metahuman named Perenna played by Erika Alexander. When they shook hands, they were transported to a mental safe space. Jen freaked and demanded Perenna take them back and the woman did. At work, Lynn had to compose herself while dealing with Agent Odell and Dr. Helga Jace, a doctor who was imprisoned for killing one patient and causing ten other to lose their feet.

When Lynn and Jeff got home, Jen was rightfully upset and demanded to know why they would have their associate ambush her like that. Jefferson apologized for the way his friend confronted her and for the fact that these powers were changing her life so much. Later, Jefferson spent his time looking into an arson who killed Detective Summers and then burned his car, not knowing he’s after Tobias.

While Jen agreed to accept Perenna’s help, Anissa went to see Grace at work. She told the woman that despite the fact that she loved her work, she was ready to try and find other things to love. Later, she went to “work” this time wearing her all-black outfit with Gambi as her sniper to steal money to save the clinic. Once again, Reverend Holt was grateful. Elsewhere, Jefferson, in his Black Lightning gear, learned that the arson was recruited by a man wearing arm gauntlets. That caused him to go pay Khalil’s mom a visit. She didn’t give up her son’s location and Jefferson warned her that Khalil needed help.

Khalil came after him for approaching his mother and the duo faced off. Jefferson was able to get one of Khalil’s spikes like Gambi needed before electrocuting and scaring off the boy with an electric whip. Jefferson wasn’t home long before Henderson arrived and told him that they arrested Tobias, leaving our hero to deal with all kinds of emotions.

Final thoughts on last week’s episode of Black Lightning

We didn’t get much of Garfield’s new principal, Mr. Lowry, but I don’t like him already and the writers can mark the mission successful if that was their goal. If the episode’s title is any indicator, his relationship with Jefferson and the Freeland community is going to be full of intense moments. I love the introduction of Purenna and her role in uniquely helping Jen deal with her emotions regarding her powers. Shoutout to China McClain for killing her scenes.

Tobias getting caught reminds me of Jim Moriarty in BBC Sherlock and the way he got arrested only because he wanted to in order to play a game with Sherlock. We’ll see how this new development plays out and how Jefferson will deal with all the emotions it will cause. Also, how did Kara randomly make it back to Gambi? Is she dead? I’m giving “Master Lowry” a 7 out of 10. A decent episode with a lot of moving pieces that make the story feel a little crowded.

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on the CW.

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