This week on Black Lightning, the Garfield community reacted to Jefferson’s decision and the green light babies had the city even more on edge while Anissa and Jefferson didn’t see eye to eye. The second episode of season two, “Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues” showed us Tobias’ displeasure with Khalil for not properly backing up Cyanide, leading to her death. At the ASA lab, one of the teenagers in the pods woke up and inadvertently killed one of the scientists and woke up one of the other teenagers before dying. After being asleep for thirty years, the other teen was out of it and afraid. She used her powers to break the wall and escape.

Gambi explained to Jefferson that the teen’s name was Wendy Hernandez and he had “recruited” her thirty years ago after she graduated. She could control wind and up it to hurricane levels. While Lynn was put in charge of Issa, whose powers caused his sister to reveal that she didn’t want to take care of “a zombie”, Anissa and Jen rejoiced in the fact their parents could be getting back together before Jen encouraged her sister to find someone for herself.

That night, Anissa went to a small concert and ended up hooking up with the musician, Zoe B., who was played by Andy Allo. In the morning, she quickly left while Napier tried to get Jefferson to play nice when he revealed that his replacement was a white man. He wanted Jefferson to speak positively to fight the backlash guaranteed to come from students and parents. As Anissa and Jefferson suited up together for the first time this season, Khalil paid Jen a visit. His presence made her powers act up and she sent him away before he could see them.

Black Lightning Black Jesus BluesElsewhere, Tobias went to see Marsellus, an old friend to tie up loose ends by killing him. Across town, Black Lightning and Thunder were on the trail of Wendy. After absorbing electricity from downed power lines and moving debris, Anissa took a bow and started high-fiving the witnesses around them, which annoyed her dad. When Lynn brought Issa home for dinner, his powers made everyone tell the truth, venting their anger at each other. As everyone took a moment to recuperate, Jen figured out that Issa’s powers only worked if he made eye contact. The two teens were able to have a less stressful bonding moment on the roof.

The next day, Jefferson was able to get Wendy to come back to herself by shocking her and Lynn revealed to Issa that he could either go in a pod while they worked to find a cure or live with the time he had with his family at the first of him dying at any time. Anissa went to a party with Zoe, who introduced her to her industry friends. At the same party, Grace Choi was working as a server and wasn’t happy to see Anissa because she hadn’t heard from her in a while. Anissa tried to say life got complicated, but Grace wasn’t having it.

When Anissa found out that her dad stopped Wendy and the girl decided to go back into a pod, she was disappointed and surprised that Wendy made that decision. She was even more unhappy when Jefferson warned her about her behavior as a hero. In the last scene of “Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues”, Jefferson revealed to his students that he would not be the principal when the school reopened, but simply a teacher. Seeing their role model down, the students echoed his motto back to him, leaving him with a smile.

Final thoughts on this week’s episode of Black Lightning

I still can’t use to Khalil’s new hair, but I’m glad to see him return and act saner than the last time we saw him last season. His scene with Jen on the roof was silly only because I can’t imagine that none of her neighbors heard them yelling on the roof. Seeing their dynamic only made me interested in seeing the moment Khalil learns about Jen’s abilities.

It wasn’t hard to figure out what Issa’s power was but I’m glad he finally knows how to kind of control it. I loved the scene between Issa and Jen on the roof. One scene that carried a lot of emotional weight was when Jefferson told his students about his future role and the reciting of their motto. As for the final third of the powered Pierce trio, it’s clear Anissa’s personality and expression of confidence is going to have to shift this season as she gets more into living as a vigilante and how she goes about her relationships. This episode was a little slower than the premiere but still good.

I’m giving the episode an 8 out of 10. We ended things a cliffhanger last week and got no glimpse of that plot point. Where’s Kara?

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9 PM EST on CW


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