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Blindspot’s first episode back for 2019 started right where we left off: with Kurt and Remi running at each other, ready to fight to the death (probably). In this episode, we take a look inside Jane/Remi’s brain as the team hopes that Jane will be the one to wake up. Meanwhile, Reade and FBI director Weitz arrest Zapata and bring her into the FBI headquarters.

Kurt and Remi scuffle around for a while until Kurt manages to inject her with something that’ll turn Remi back into Jane, but reverting her back to Jane doesn’t prove to be that easy. The entire episode takes place within Jane/Remi’s head with Jane remembering a few select missions and fighting against Remi and Shepard. In her head, she gets the team’s help (or at least an imagined version of each member), but Remi has the upper hand for most of the episode because she knows Jane’s weakness (or quote-unquote, “Blindspot”): Kurt.

Every time Jane gets closer to fighting Remi, Kurt yells out for help, which only confuses her more and delays the process of fighting against Remi and Shepard. In her head, Jane also sees a young girl, who we later learn is Alice, which is also Jane/Remi before anything bad happened to them, i.e. Shepard taking Remi and training her to become a weapon, all while hating the world. But before she figures that out, Shepard gets to her and Kurt but they’re able to escape, only for Jane to find Kurt tied up with a bomb strapped to his chest. Once Jane realizes that Kurt isn’t really Kurt but rather her brain helping her out, Jane leaves Kurt to “die” and enters what looks to be the FBI headquarters full of a lot of red lighting.


Jane finally enters what turns into the final fighting arena between Jane, Remi, and Shepard. We’re teased throughout the entire episode that the villain of the story is Remi when in reality, it’s Shepard. Jane convinces Remi to side with her and they emerge into one, with the end result being both Jane and Remi combined. After that Shepard disappears (almost Infinity War style) and Jane (finally) wakes up, with all of her and Remi’s memories.

In addition to Jane’s internal fight against her past self, Reade and FBI Director Weitz are also where the show left off in the winter finale: with Zapata surrounded. It isn’t long until Reade and Director Weitz put some handcuffs on her and bring her back to headquarters. And she comes back right when things feel like they’re back to normal with Jane. With Shepard still out there, the team goes to where Remi left her but she’s already gone. However, Shepard shows up at Jane and Kurt’s apartment to figure out what happened to Remi and to save Kurt, Jane shoots Shepard, telling her that it’s finally over.


Overall, I loved seeing Jane and Remi fight it out so, props to Jaimie Alexander for pulling that off. But even though that was interesting to see, I doubt that everything’s back to normal with Jane. She now has both her and Remi’s memories and the procedure she went through seemed experimental, so who knows what side effects she’ll have? In addition to that, restoring her memories didn’t cure her zip poisoning so they all still have to figure that out.

I’m even more interested to see what happens to Zapata. It seemed like she turned over to the bad side with Blake, and later Madeline, out of nowhere so I’m still curious as to why she did, especially since it’s been made crystal clear that she still loves Reade.

What did you think of Blindspot’s first episode back? And what do you think will happen next?

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