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Last night, NBC series, Blindspot, came back for its fourth season after three major cliffhangers from last season: Tasha is somehow working with Blake (Roman’s girlfriend, who also shot Roman) and Jane waking up as Remi (so I’ll be referring to her as Remi from now on). In the series premiere, Remi tries to reach out to anyone still connected to Sandstorm, Kurt tries to excel his recovery after his surgeries, and Tasha continues to work with Blake.

The episode starts while the team is in the middle of an operation with Rich (played by Ennis Esmer, who’s now officially a series regular, so congrats on the promotion), Remi, and Patterson out in the field. Patterson tries to retrieve data that Roman left behind before he died while Rich and Remi distract the enemy, played by Rila Fukushima (AKA Katana from Arrowwhere Rich’s cover gets compromised almost immediately. Then ensues an epic sword fight (or should I say Katana fight?) with like five of Fukushima’s guards at a time. After killing all of them, she fights Fukushima’s character and beats her by stabbing her and turning the knife afterward. A really great fight scene overall.

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Later, the team finds out that someone from Sandstorm is still out there (who we find out later is named Dolan) and is trying to communicate with another member, that person obviously being Remi. They find out where he is but Remi gets to him first and they escape together before the FBI shows up. Then she convinces Dolan to team up again to fulfill their initial mission: take down the FBI. But they’re the only two left from Sandstorm so they figure they need money, so the only way they can do that is to trigger one of her tattoos.

After they do, the team goes on another mission where Remi takes some money out of this huge vault from the bank they’re at before letting the team find it. Once they get back to headquarters, Patterson informs them that they found the Sandstorm member (AKA Dolan) via his cell phone and the team chases him (again), this time in the form of a car chase. Remi gets to Dolan but with the sirens on, he just keeps driving faster. Reade essentially gets pushed aside during the chase but comes up with an idea on getting him, which turned out to be him driving from the opposite direction and crashing right into him, which ends up killing Dolan. But not after he tells Remi to keep fighting the good fight.

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Throughout all of this, Remi pretends to be Jane to the rest of the team, including Kurt, who still loves her as if she’s still Jane. But she isn’t and Remi feels the complete opposite way: she hates him for bringing Sandstorm down, locking Shepard up, and going after Roman, which she thinks got him killed. But she just wants to fulfill her personal mission so she continues to fake her way through it all, which she’s actually really good at. Another interesting thing about Remi though is that the zip drug that caused her to lose all of her memories is slowly killing her. So for the majority of the episode, she starts to get hallucinations, in the form of Roman, who only enforces her hatred for Kurt and encourages her to take them all down.

Meanwhile, Tasha’s away in Zurich with Blake for a reason that I still don’t know, even after watching the episode. She goes with Blake to a board meeting with members with her father’s company, so at first it seems like maybe Tasha’s getting into the business world for some reason, which still doesn’t make any sense. After the first meeting, Blake convinces them all to make her the new CEO but a woman at the meeting named Madeline, who initially defended her after one of the men undermined her, poisoned all of their drinks. The only people left after that were Tasha and Madeline’s men, who have Tasha surrounded.

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However, Tasha and Madeline end up teaming up by the end of their somewhat brief conversation. Working together for what exactly is still unknown, so I still don’t know if I should trust Tasha or not anymore. Which I assume the writers wanted to get out of this season, so I think they’ve succeeded in doing that. But all while Tasha is away, she’s also ignoring Reade, which is unfortunate because they just got together at the end of last season, and I was, and I guess still am, really rooting for them to end up together.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode of Blindspot? I’d love to hear what you guys thought and if you have any predictions of what might happen later on in the season. Do you think there’s still a part of Jane still left in Remi and do you think you can still trust Tasha anymore? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Blindspot airs on NBC Fridays at 8/9c.

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