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In the latest episode of Blindspot, Rich’s ex-boyfriend, Boston, returns to help the FBI decode one of Jane’s tattoos relating to an art piece on the wall of the FBI office while Remi continues the facade of being Kurt Weller’s loving wife. She formulates her plan of finding Shepard and killing Kurt but ends up putting Patterson in danger to get what she wants. Sorry in advance for any and all name switches between Jane and Remi, but you Blindspot fans know what I’m talking about. But now, on to the episode.

In the episode, Patterson notices that a part of an art display in the office and her and Patterson connects it to one of Jane’s tattoos. But with it being related to an art piece, they end up going to Boston for some help, per Rich’s suggestion. He ends up being a big help, getting the team some coordinates. Rich, however, gets a little jealous of Boston, as he should because Boston’s apparently trying to take Rich’s place on the team. Meanwhile, Kurt becomes cleared for duty and is ready to get back out on the field but with his injury, Remi suggests that Patterson go out with her, not only because he’s injured but also because Patterson’s better at figuring out codes.

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Meanwhile, Tasha realizes that Madeline is eviler than she thought. Madeline decides she wants Hank Crawford’s files to gain full control of HCI (Crawford’s company) so she goes to his lawyer. They get the files but that ends up not being enough for Madeline so she kills her, leaving Tasha to clean up afterward. Tasha also finds out that Madeline practiced using the poison she used on the board on her husband. So she’s pretty much an evil mastermind. But I still have hope for Tasha after seeing her save the lawyer’s daughter that she finds hiding in the closet.

Once Remi and Patterson get to those specific coordinates, they find a building and go in. There, they find a single ATM that ends up scanning them and figuring out who they are. Then the ATM asks for a passcode and Patterson figures out the code by the clues she finds from the screen. Then a gas comes out of it which causes them to pass out.

When they awaken, they meet Jason Stack, who says he’s a member of a secret division in the NSA called Zero Division, which in all honesty just reminded me of Division from Nikita, which I recommend everyone go binge watch on Netflix, sorry not sorry. But that aside, Stack tells them that he needs three specific files from the FBI to help in some secret inter-agency investigation. It sounds suspicious so they run his name when they’re back at headquarters and we learn that Stack is actually a Russian double agent named Boris Sokolov, running a con to get information to bring back to Russia.

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Then, the team decides to use some type of drugs to counteract the ones Sokolov sprayed from the ATM so that they’d be able to track his location. But Jane, with her own agenda, realizes that Sokolov might have information about CIA black site locations, which is where Shepard is. Her plan works up until the FBI comes in. Remi makes a deal with Sokolov: He gives her the info she needs on CIA black sites and she’ll tell him where his family is (who he thought died but are actually in witness protection). Sokolov starts the download but the FBI come in so Remi tells him to hold a gun to her head, thinking that Kurt isn’t going to shoot because she’d be in his line of fire. But it turns out she’s wrong and he kills him.

At some point, Remi gets the USB with some info on it but realistically speaking, probably not enough CIA black sites to actually find Shepard, but this is TV so odds are, it’s enough. But that aside, she realizes, via her Roman hallucination, that if anyone were to discover that she’s really Remi, it’d be Kurt. So she puts some kind of poison in a needle but hides it behind her back when she hears him coming into the room. The episode ends after Kurt asks what Remi’s holding behind her back with her Roman hallucination telling her that this is her chance to kill him.

rich and boston

Overall, I love that Rich is on the team now because he fulfills a role that I don’t think they really had before which essentially is their comic relief. It makes the show a lot lighter in a sense which I think they could use with Remi being back and with the show starting to set up Tasha as the potential bad guy. Which I really hope doesn’t happen because I’m a fan of both Tasha and her relationship with Reade. So I hope that Boston doesn’t replace him because I love having Rich as a new addition to the show as well as Ennis Esmer, the actor, who just promotes the hell out of the show on Twitter.

As for the whole Remi storyline, it’s interesting but it’d be nice if she slowly starts to tolerate Kurt and the FBI in general. But with her hallucination of Roman encouraging her hate for Kurt and the FBI, it doesn’t seem like that’ll happen, unfortunately. I don’t see how Jane could ever come back but if she doesn’t, it kind of feels like the first three seasons were a bit of a waste, so I assume that either Jane will come back somehow or Remi slowly starts to tolerate the FBI and Kurt. As for the episode cliffhanger, I don’t think Remi’s going to reveal that she’s no longer Jane just yet nor do I think she’s going to kill Kurt yet because she doesn’t know where Shepard is yet. I don’t think she’ll kill him, or at least try to, until after she figures that out.

But what did you think of this episode? Do you think Jane will come back and how do you think the rest of the season will unfold? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @mzsnguyenthai.

Blindspot airs on NBC on Friday nights at 8/7c.

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