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On last week’s episode of Blindspot, we take a look at what happens inside the FBI headquarters when students from Quantico come to visit while the rest of the team goes out on a mission to stop a bomb. In this episode, we mainly follow Patterson and Rich, which is an interesting perspective compared to the action we’re used to when we follow Jane and Weller.

The episode starts by tricking the audience into thinking that the show has finally revealed Patterson’s first name, only to reveal that it was fake later on. But that aside, Patterson hooks up with a guy she meets while partaking in a nightlife, which causes her to be late to work. Once she gets to headquarters, Rich reveals that he’s already solved another tattoo and has briefed the team about the mission. But Patterson’s upset and a little annoyed that Rich declined to tell the team and her about how he solved that tattoo because she usually details it. The team, however, is unphased and has no problem with only being given the essential information: a location.

Aside from Patterson’s frustration, new FBI director, Matthew Weitz (who we’ve met before in previous episodes), brings in a batch of students from Quantico for Patterson and Rich to teach and mentor. But low and behold, one of those students ends up being the guy Patterson hooked up with the night before, Lincoln, who also happens to be Weitz’s nephew.

patterson and lincoln

After the obvious discomfort, Patterson takes Lincoln aside a few times during the episode to tell Lincoln that it was just a one-time thing and that they’re just going to keep things professional from this point forward. Not all that easy apparently for her though because she keeps pulling Lincoln out to talk, making it obvious that there’s something going on with them. Rich finally gets it out of her that she slept with him just by sheer guessing but the awkwardness of it all doesn’t last because not long afterward, they discover that they’re chasing a bomb that’s somewhere on the train, which means it could go off anywhere.

After figuring out where the bomb is via some math done by Lincoln, they find out where the bomb is and Patterson ends up butting heads with new FBI director, Weitz. His plan is for the bomb to go off on a bridge that’s closed off by the cops, minimizing the casualties to just being those cops. Patterson insists that she can stop the bomb by having Jane type in a code for the bomb to set off once it gets to China because the bomb is GPS triggered, meaning that the bomb would never go off. The risk is high but so is the reward.

patterson, rich and quantico students

Weitz ends up giving in, causing Jane to jump out of the chopper and land on the roof of the train. We don’t get to see that part, but that admittingly would’ve been a cool scene to see. After some scrambling to type the last few letters and numbers of the code, Jane succeeds in stopping the bomb from going off and thus saves the day.

Once Jane and the rest of the team comes back, everyone cheers. Although this episode was mostly centered around Patterson, it goes back to Jane when her hallucination of Roman shows up again to mock her for saving the day. But she’s unphased by his mockery because she hasn’t changed her plans. After that, Weller gets home and Jane tells him that she’s going to go out for a walk and he follows her. She meets with a mysterious woman and Kurt, being suspicious (and rightfully so) takes pictures of the woman.

director matthew weitz

As for Lincoln, his uncle plays favorites by getting Patterson to “recommend” him by asking Patterson if Lincoln was doing well, and it ends up getting Lincoln a job at the L.A offices. Then, Lincoln and Patterson talk and plan to hook up again after he has dinner with his uncle to celebrate.

Overall, it was a great episode. We may not have gotten to see all the action but it was just as interesting inside the FBI headquarters. This was also the first episode where we got to see the new director actually directing the team, but I think he has a lot of growing to do because he doesn’t seem as open to taking a lot of risks and he plays favorites. But Patterson standing up to him in front of everyone definitely gave him a wake-up call and made him realize that he’s got his work cut out for him.

Blindspot airs on NBC on Friday nights at 8/7c.

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