Braden Smith Draft Profile

Braden Smith draft profile


  • Elite size for the position
  • Weight room monster
  • Mauler with power at the point of attack
  • Good drive blocker
  • Has strong hands and can lock on for the long haul when he gets a strong initial grab
  • Absorbs contact well
  • Punch is adequate
  • Guard with some emergency tackle value

Analysis: Braden Smith has an NFL-ready frame and will impress evaluators with the eyeball test. When the eyeballs are focused on the tape, they will see a player who is more than capable of matching power with power, but can be too regimented in his movement and overall play. He is a big mauler who can dominate defenders who lack the power he does. His strong, thick hands grasp onto defenders and do not let go. His drive block is ideal and he will continue until his man is out of the play or on the ground. He can absorb contact well and is not easily pushed back by powerful defensive lineman. He was a second-team All-SEC pick by league media at right guard in 2015 and received second and third-team All-American notice at that position as a junior while also picking up second-team all-conference recognition from SEC coaches. In Smith’s final season, he was honored as a first-team All-American and All-SEC selection after starting all 14 games for the Tigers. Smith’s athletic build, natural bend, and power make for a lethal combination that could allow him to play outside or inside in the NFL.


  • Slow
  • Eyes need to be quicker
  • Delayed in seeing and picking up twists
  • Lacks responsive feet to slide and catch blitzers and counter rush moves
  • Doesn’t have the speed to get to the second level in time
  • Allows rushers to get into his frame
  • Has a major hitch coming out of his stance when asked to pull

Analysis: Braden Smith is a grinder whose play could vary greatly based upon the matchup across from him. He has size and power, but the holes in his game are unlikely to be patched up with coaching. The first weakness you notice when you put on Smith’s tape is his lack of speed…and by that I mean he is slow. Slow in multiple areas–with his legs he struggles to get to the second level in time to block out linebackers in space. He is also slow with his eyes, lacking the timing to diagnose twists, stunts and blitzes in front of him. His feet are slow to respond. At times, he allows rushers to get into his frame, taking away the power he has. When asked to pull, Braden Smith can get the job done, but again he is slower than most and there is a hitch in his first step.

What the scouts say: “He’s really strong but he’s not a consistent block finisher because defenders can pull him off-balance. I thought he was much better in the early and middle parts of the season than he was at the end when his team really needed him.” — AFC team area scout

Size: 6’6 303lbs

Draft Grade: Day 2 grade

NFL Comparison: Kyle Long

Draft Projection: Round 2-3

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