Calvin Ridley Draft Profile

Calvin Ridley draft profile


  • Speed
  • Fluid in every movement on the field
  • Route running
  • Quick into breaks
  • Elite separation talent
  • Dominates off-man coverage
  • Ideal gear down
  • YAC
  • Footwork crisp and fluid
  • Soft hands
  • Utilizes head movement in routes

Analysis: Calvin Ridley is a smooth strider with effortless transitions. He dominates cornerbacks if they allow him free release. Speed is consistent in drive phase for short, intermediate and deep routes. Feet are crisp and hypnotic in their cadence along the route. Possesses elite separation talent. His hitch routes are a thing of beauty. Route stems and breaks are seamless and sharp and open wide throwing windows. Quick and quiet into breaks. Carries long speed of a human torch with ability to embarrass his defender. Forces defensive backs into early retreat. Uses subtle head movement to manipulate safeties out of position. Play speed is electric. Natural ball plucker on the move. Gears down to drop low and secure poor throws and is able to climb up high as well. If he had a solid quarterback who was more of a passer his numbers could have easily been doubled. Finds open space in scramble situations. Can be lethal after the catch. Ridley received almost 33 percent of the team’s targets since his freshman year.


  • Needs to add muscle to frame
  • Needs to utilize hands more fighting press coverage
  • Struggled with long, rangy corners
  • Focus drops
  • Traffic catches

Analysis: Watching Calvin Ridley’s tape, he could be one of the better wide receiver prospects in the last decade, but his small thin frame severely hurts that notion. He must add muscle and core strength to be able to dominate at the next level like he did in college. Long, press corners cause hesitation in his release. Hasn’t learned to use hands as press counter. Too easily impeded by contact. Routes can be redirected by quality bump and run talent. Inconsistent using body positioning to leverage target area along deep sideline. Ridley does have soft hands but he has struggled with drops during his Alabama career—I would say they are more focus-orientated rather than not having the skill to catch the ball. He had 20 drops over three seasons. Scouts question toughness to catch in NFL traffic.

Final Thoughts:

In this 2018 draft class there is Calvin Ridley, then everyone else. He is in a class of his own with his deep speed, soft hands and what sets him apart the most…his route running. He is fluid in every movement he takes, constantly keeping defenders off-balance. Despite his lack of steady quarterback play he showed he will make a smooth transition to the NFL and could make an impact similar to former Alabama-alum Julio Jones.

Size: 6’1 190lbs

Draft Rank: No.1 WR

NFL Comparison: Marvin Harrison

Draft Projection: Top 15

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