Canelo vs GGG Preview and Prediction

Canelo vs GGG

It’s finally here, the fight that boxing needs, and the biggest fight in all of combat sports this year has finally arrived. It’s not common in boxing that you get a fight as big as Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin compared to the UFC in which you consistently get the top dogs always going toe-to-toe. This Saturday from the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas the fans are getting to witness a dream fight, a REAL fight, not that entertainment fight that we got between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor last month, but a fight that will talked about for years to come.

The unified WBC, WBA and WBO middle champion Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin 37-0 (33 KO’s) squares up with the lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight Champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 49-1-1 (34 KO’s). Honestly though what’s more impressive? The fact that one of these guys only has one loss, or the fact that both of these warriors combine for 67 KO’s? That’s a lot of crushed skulls, and hopes and dreams that these men took from their opponents. Just like everybody who’s breaking down and predicting the fight I’m torn between the two, and can honestly see this going either way.

Alvarez is in his prime at 27 years of age, he’s matured and developed his own brand and as one of the most well-known house hold names in sports today. He’s a great technical fighter, he shows no fear, the scary part about this man is that Alvarez is not scared of pain. In fact he invites it from his opponent, he doesn’t care if he’s the one getting knocked out, Canelo is always ready for a brawl. Alvarez is known for his elite counter-punching, hand speed, and his highly skilled pull-counter. Alvarez tends to fight off the ropes, but there’s no telling if he’ll stick with that game plan against Golovkin.

One of the concerns for Canelo from critics is his way of conserving energy. Canelo likes to push the pace and dish out punishment, fortunately for him he’s gained several victories following this game plan, but against an elite opponent in Triple G, chasing him down might not be the greatest idea coming into the fight. However, Alvarez did appear to sharpen that up in his most recent fight against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Golovkin on the other hand is a monster! You could say the same about Canelo, but Golovkin is known for cracking ribs, breaking chins, and not leaving men the same after stepping out of the ring with him.  No doubt Golovkin is regarded as a power puncher, Golovkin is also a good defender, but even better attacker. Gennady’ ring awareness is like no other, and for opponents it’s been hard to counter his varying punch patterns he throws at them.

It is a bit worrying for the 35-year-old after seeing his last fight earlier in the year with Danny Jacobs. The fight went to a decision, but several questioned whether or not Golovkin deserved to win. Jacobs showed his toughness absorbing the punishment from Golovkin, but the former WBA Middleweight Champion stunned Golovkin momentarily, and did not back down keeping the aging star on his heels and buzzing from the punishment he was also absorbing.

Golovkin is so used to shutting his opponents eyes for the night that when it comes to him defending, his bobbing and weaving trails when compared to Canelo’s defense. Being that the big fight is tomorrow throw that out the window, because both stars have been at each others throats and this fight has been years in the making. Expect a slug fest and it’s more probably than not we’ll get to see a finish and not a victory by decision.


Going off from what I’ve seen by both fighters previous fights from this year Canelo was able to beat down and counter his opponents attacks without much problems, where as Triple G was nearly split with his opponent. Canelo is coming into the fight bulkier and some worry that his bulkiness will affect his speed and elusiveness when it comes to ducking and defending himself, but I feel as if the 35 year-old is slowing down himself.

Canelo by TKO in the 11th round.

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