A lot’s happened while I’ve been gone. I haven’t reviewed the show since the season’s fourth episode and their midseason final just aired on Friday night. Needless to say, there was a lot of catching up to do. Since there were so many episodes to catch up on, I’m just going to recap the most important plot points. Now that that’s been addressed, here’s what happened in the last four episodes leading up to the midseason finale:

tasha, claudia, and madeline

Tasha goes from being in Amsterdam to getting back to New York to Mexico. She’s been all over helping Madeline with numerous tasks which include interrogating Reade for this FBI credentials and threatening a famous Mexican hacker named, Del Toro. In episode four, titled, “Sous Vide”, Tasha fails at getting files from someone so Madeline brings in Claudia because she starts to doubt Tasha’s effectiveness. They successfully interrogate Reade and they leave with his credentials, which results in the higher ups suspending Reade but Director Weitz decides it’s a good idea to continue in their pursuit of Tasha, and subsequently, Madeline.

Despite the successful interrogation, Claudia doesn’t last very long because Tasha kills her and tells Madeline that she was working undercover for MI6. From there, Tasha goes back to being Madeline’s right-hand woman and continues to do her dirty work. Unfortunately, however, Tasha gets caught by Reade and new FBI director Weitz in the midseason finale, so whatever her and Madeline’s plans were are now put on hold.


Remi’s able to keep her personality switch in secret for a while, but Kurt figures her out in episode seven, titled “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth”. Before then, however, she manages to form an ally in a woman named Violet and tricking Boston into helping her find Shepard. The team is able to find them and Kurt goes to try to take them all in, but unfortunately, he’s outgunned. Remi and Shepard are able to escape, leaving a dead Violet and an unconscious Boston. Once Boston comes to, he goes and wakes up Kurt, who was also unconscious from a car flip, and Kurt returns the favor by arresting him. The FBI eventually figure out that Boston was being tricked and after a mean little mind-game via Rich, they let Boston go back to being on house arrest.

Meanwhile, Remi escapes with Shepard and finds out that there’s hope for a cure, which is important at this point because Remi’s symptoms have progressively been getting worse, even more so in the midseason finale episode. Patterson, simultaneously, has apparently been talking to a neurobiologist throughout that same episode to find a cure for turning Remi back into Jane and it’s theoretically possible (this wouldn’t be a cure for the overall zip poisoning, just something to switch Remi’s personality back into Jane). The team devises a seemingly simple plan of finding Remi, capturing her, and forcing her to take this theoretical cure, which is initially harder than it sounds. Until Rich comes up with a plan to trick Remi with a fake message from Roman to meet her at a specific spot. The episode ends with Remi waiting for Roman but finds Kurt instead, who’s prepared to take her into the FBI, and they both run towards each other in what I expect to be a really great fight scene. But we’ll have to wait until January to see what happens next.

Overall, I’m still super confused about what Madeline’s endgame is and why Tasha has just volunteered to help her, but I’m glad that it was Reade that caught her (with Weitz’s help). As for Remi’s storyline, it was interesting to see how she was basically able to mimic Jane’s behavior and trick everyone else, but once Kurt figured her out, I loved the fact that the action just escalated from there. I’m excited to see what happens next now that Tasha’s caught, and Remi and Kurt are literally about to go head to head with each other.

Blindspot returns to NBC on January 11th at 8/7c.

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