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Next, in our catching up series here at MFST, we’ll be looking at the 14th episode of Blindspot‘s fourth season titled, The Big Blast from the Past Episode”. In this episode, someone’s setting off multiple bombs, forcing the team to look back on a previous bomber case from two years ago.

Continuing from where we left off from the last episode, we look at the literal jigsaw puzzle Shepard left for Jane. When putting the pieces together, Patterson discovers that it’s a picture of “The Altar of Mars and Venus”, a sculpture that has a connection to Roman and Remi. AKA the names Jane and Roman gave themselves after Shepard adopted them. However, Jane points out the fact that there are a bunch of holes poked into the wolf in the picture, a clue Patterson apparently missed. But in her defense, she was working off of the scanned version of the puzzle. Later on, with Rich’s help, the puzzle leads them to a literal key. They don’t know what the key’s for, but Jane does. They don’t tell us what it is in this episode, but I’m sure they will in the next one.

As for the rest of the episode, there’s someone setting multiple bombs off all over New York, which just so happens to be the same case they solved two years ago. The new bomber even leaves the team a message claiming that someone on the team framed the Williamsburg bomber (the name of the previous bomber). Reade and Zapata fill everyone else in on what happened two years ago because everyone else wasn’t there. This case happened during the time jump where everyone except Reade and Zapata left the FBI for different reasons. The only other people involved at the time was Kurt, who was distracted looking for Jane, Rich, who has limited knowledge on the case because he was in jail, Weitz, who was the prosecuting attorney on the case, Hirst, who’s now in jail, and Stuart, who’s dead.

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Two years ago, someone was bombing different areas of New York. The team found the Williamsburg bomber, Lilly Terrace, by finding a bunch of bad reviews she left on a grocery system app. Apparently, her family-owned grocery store was going out of business because of this app. The FBI’s theory is that she targeted certain people because they stopped shopping at the store once they started using the app. The only evidence they had at the time was video footage of her leaving a package an hour before the bomb went off. However, Patterson quickly discovers that it’s been doctored.

The clues, via some messy code, point to Stuart as being the one behind the doctored footage. Which is pretty convenient now that he’s dead and isn’t able to explain himself. The team continues to investigate and find clues that actually point to Lilly’s dad, Albert. The bomber, however, calls Director Weitz saying that he knows that it was him who framed the bomber and another bomb will go off in an hour if he doesn’t confess. Apparently, Weitz had Stuart falsify the evidence so that he’d have solid evidence to prosecute Lilly. In other words, he was (and still is, quite frankly) convinced that she was the bomber. Weitz informs the team about the bomb going off in an hour but not the part about him being the one who framed Lilly. They find Albert, who’s at his farm that he’s wired with explosives. The local PD tries going in to arrest him but he’s killed a cop so there’s now a standoff. Weitz decides it’s best to have a domestic drone to go in to neutralize the threat, even though Kurt and Jane disagree. Reade and Zapata agree that it’s the safest course of action and the DOD clears the FBI for the use of drones.

Apparently, the drone program is what made Jane loyal to Sandstorm when she was Remi, but her (and Kurt’s) opinion doesn’t make a difference in Weitz’s opinion. Kurt eventually figures out that Weitz framed the first bomber after visiting Hirst in prison. Which he does because he wonders how the new bomber even knows about the FBI falsifying evidence in the first place. Kurt threatens to expose Weitz but he counters by threatening to expose Jane as a terrorist. In the end, Weitz gets another phone call from the bomber, which isn’t Albert after all and is actually Dominic. But he doesn’t know that. Dominic threatens Weitz to expose him if he doesn’t do what he wants the next time he needs a favor.

Final Thoughts

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It wasn’t hard to guess that Weitz was behind the falsified evidence. It’s also a demonstration of what can go wrong with the justice system. It’s when someone’s completely convinced who’s guilty that it’s almost like tunnel vision. As for who leaked the information, I’m guessing it was Hirst. But I also think that she’s the obvious choice. Other than that, the episode had a great twist at the end with Dominic being the actual bomber. Now, we just wait to see what Dominic’s going to use his favor for. Assumingly, it’ll be a favor for Madeline, as she’s standing behind him when he’s talking to Weitz, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless.

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