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I’m missed a lot of Blindspot recently. First up, we’ll be looking back on episode ten, titled, “The Big Reveal”. This is the first episode back after the FBI take Zapata into custody and Jane is back to being herself again. At least for the most part. Jane isn’t Remi anymore in the sense that she isn’t evil, but she now she’s both combined as she has both Remi and Jane’s memories. As for Zapata, we finally figure out why she’s been working with Madeline all this time.

At first, Zapata only wants to talk to Keaton but he’s in a coma. But Reade has to prove to her that he’s telling the truth before she tells him everything. Apparently, Zapata’s been working for Keaton the entire time and cut ties from everyone because the mission would’ve never worked if she hadn’t. The only problem is, Keaton’s the only one who can prove it because it was under his direct orders. We also learn that Claudia, that MI6 agent that broke into Reade’s apartment, is alive. Zapata faked her death so that it’d prove her loyalty to Madeline. And it worked. And we know that Zapata isn’t lying because Claudia calls Reade at the end of the episode to confirm her story.

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However, Reade believes her story but still doesn’t trust her. Which is understandable given everything they’ve been through. In addition to that, Zapata is anxious for the entire episode because she has a meeting she can’t miss with Del Toro, a hacker working for Madeline. All she knows is that Madeline plans on crashing on a plane.  She doesn’t know which plane or when but she does know that she needs to meet with Del Toro to figure out more information and how to stop it. Reade lets her go at the end of the episode but she quickly gets caught by the C.I.A because they believe she has some explaining to do.

As for the rest of the team, they all search for the cure for Jane. Even though Jane isn’t Remi anymore, the ZIP poisoning is still poisonous and the effects are accelerating. They find who created the drug, Dr. Nora Lee Roga, through one of Roman’s data caches he left. But this doctor turns out to have faked her death because the company she worked for, Kearns Pharmaceuticals, kept selling the drug, even though its side effects are fatal and therefore, illegal. The team finds the doctor, but her son makes the mistake of leaving a voicemail for his fiancée saying that his mom is alive. I only say that’s a mistake because Dr. Roga’s former bosses are listening in. So, obviously, they follow the FBI to her safe house of sorts to kill her.


Once the team gets there and meets Dr. Roga, they discover that she’s had the cure for a while now. The only thing she needed before were these super rare and delicate stem cells called, Stanton cells, but Roman already gave them to her. Unfortunately, Roman didn’t make it back to take it because, as we know, Blake killed him. Also, the guys from Kearns Pharmaceuticals show up before Dr. Roga’s able to get the cure ready for Jane to use and they set her small but very impressive home lab on fire, destroying the cure. Their only hope now is to find more of those Stanton cells so that Dr. Roga can make the cure again and save Jane’s life. Considering that they didn’t even know these cells actually existed makes it a difficult task but not impossible.

Final Thoughts

It’s interesting that even though the ZIP drug has clearly been poisonous, the doctor that created it isn’t evil. But, of course, there’s always going to be a bad guy, which in this case was the company that employed her. The situation with Reade and Zapata is upsetting because I love the two of them together. With that in mind, I have hope that they’re strong enough to get through this. It’s also fascinating that Dr. Roga had the cure ready all this time. If Roman wasn’t killed, he could’ve been cured. But on the flip side, he’d also just create more drama for Jane and the rest of the team. And who knows if the team would’ve ever found the cure if it weren’t for his death.

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